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Ajnabi apna mujhe tu laga - 1920 Evil Returns- Lyrics & English Translation

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Artist : Sonu Nigam
Album : 1920 - Evil Returns
Tracks : 5
Rating : 8.6601
Released : 2012
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies


Ajnabi apna mujhe tu laga - 1920 Evil Returns-  Lyrics & English Translation
Anjaane ho tum, jo begaane ho tum
Jo pehchaane lagte ho kyun
Tum gehri neendon me jab soye soye ho
To mujh mein jagte ho kyun

you're unknown, you're unrelated,
then why do you feel like related..
when you're sleeping, in a deep sleep,
then why do you wake in me..

Jab tujhko paata hai
Dil muskurata hai
Kya tujh se hai waasta
Kya tujh me dhoondhoon main
Kya tujh se chaahoon main
Kya kya hai tujh mein mera
Jaanoon na main tujhme mera hissa hai kya
Par ajnabi apna mujhe tu lagaa..

When it gets you,
the heart smiles,
what's my relation with you,
what do I look for in you..
what do I ask for from you..
What all is there in you that's mine..
I don't know what part of you is me, mine..
but stranger, you feel like my own..

Aankhon ne ankhon se kahi daastan
Tumko bana ke raazdaan
Baahon me jannat aa gayi khushnuma
Tum jo huye ho meherbaan
Jism se jism ka yoon ta'aruf hua
Ho gaye hum sanam rooh tak aashna
Ek zara jo chale do kadam saath mein
Mil gaya hai humein zindagi ka pata

Eyes have said their story to eyes,
and told you the secret,
in my arms, the joy of heaven has come,
now that you're kind to me..
body got introduced to body such,
that we became friends till the soul..
now that we walked a few steps together,
I have got to know life..

Jaanoon na main tujh mein mera hissa hai kya
Par ajnabee apna mujhe tu laga
Jaanun na main tujh se mera rishta hai kya
Par ajnabi apna mujhe tu laga

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