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Bolo na- Chittagong -Lyrics English Translation

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Artist : Various
Album : Chittagong
Tracks : 8
Rating : 7.0000
Released : 2012
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies


Bolo na- Chittagong -Lyrics English  Translation

Bolo na, bolo na,
Bolo naa, bolo naa.

Say something..
why are you silent, say something..

rituon ko ghar se nikalne to do
boye the mausam khilne to do
hothon ki munder pe ruki,
motiyon si baat bol do,
pheeki pheeki si hai zindagi
cheeni cheeni khwab ghol do
dekho na beet jaayen,
ye lamhe, ye ghadiyaan..

let seasons come out of the home,
let the seasons that we sowed blossom,
say that thing like pearls,
that is stuck on the boundary of lips..
the life is a little tasteless,
dissolve a few sugar-sweet dreams into it..
see that these (beautiful) moments,
this time, doesn't pass..

dhadkan jhoom jhoom
saansein rum-jhum,
man ghunghroo sa baaje
ankhiyaan payal
sapne kangna
tan mein thirkan saaje
kuhniyon se dhel ke kehti hawa
itar ki sheeshi khol do zara
raag mehkao,
geet chhalkao,
misri si gholo na..
bolo na..

Heartbeat, dancing
Breath, many are moving
Heart, plays like an ankle bells
My eyes are anklet
Dreams are bangle
Dance clad in body, there is
Asks elbow and push the air
To open the bottle of fragrance ..
Melody (literal However, "it has to smell good melody") song
, The song spread
, Sweeteners dissolved
Some say ..

sannaton ki choti kheencho
shor ki raunak laao.
kaanch khamoshi farsh pe todo
halla pyaar sajao..
aaj inkaar pukaar bane
aaj chuppi jhankaar bane
shabd khankao, chhand bikhrao,
man ke sang ho lo na, holo na,
bolo na.. bolo naa..

pull the plaits of silences,
bring the liveliness of noise..
break the glass of silence on the floor,
and decorate the noise of love..
today no should change into a call..
today silence should become a jingle sound..
jingle words, spread rhymes, 
be with your heart, be there..
say something,
say it out..

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