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Dharpakad - Special 26- Lyrics & English Translation

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Artist : Various
Album : Special 26
Tracks : 8
Rating : 9.7188
Released : 2013
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

Dharpakad - Special 26- Lyrics & English Translation

Muyi jawaani sadkein naapee
Muaa zamaana aadha paapi
Kaun original sab kuchh copy
Muyi zindagi aapa dhaapi

Cursed life (I), had to move here n there
Half the world is damned sinner ..
Who has all the original copy
Cursed Life is a crazy competition ..

Iski gardan uske pair
Iski lungi uska aanchal
Iski ungli uske baal
Pakad le apna kaam nikaal
Muye na reh tu akad-akad
Muye tu apna kaam nikaal
Muyi life hai dharpakad
Dhar pakad dhar dhar pakad..

One of the neck, the other leg ..
One of the other sarong skirt ..
One finger, one another's hair,
Catch something, and to do their jobs ..
Cursed Hey, are not strictly
O cursed, to get your work done ..
And grab hold of life is cursed ..

Jaate chor ki pakad langoti
Har ek daud ka maksad roti
Chor-Sipaahi Chooha-Billi
Bombay-Patna ho ya Dilli
Khel rahe sab pakdam-pakdi
Par paise kee chalti tagdi
Mua zamaana bhed hai pyare
Paisa hee is bhed ko chaare
Jaise taise paisa aaye
Gora kaala jaise aaye
Har koi jugat lagaaye jaaye
Is paise ki haaye haaye

Grab whatever's going away, you can
Each race has its livelihood
All the thieves and the police, rat and cat,
The Mumbai or Delhi to Patna ..
All games are _________
But things are money ..
In this world, O beloved one sheep
The only money can feed the sheep ..
Somehow money should come
White, black, should any type ..
Everyone has a plan ..
The money will be damned ..

Is se aaye badi akad
Kaala ho toh dhar pakad
Dhar pakad dhar dhar pakad..

With this (money) comes big attitude
And if it's black (money) then grab 
(the money and the person who has it)

Muyi jawaani pyaar ki matki
Yes aur No ki adhar me atki
Yes bole to Picture Coffee
No bole to behen ji maafee

Damned youth is vessel of love,
Stuck in the mid of Yes and No,
If yes there is picture and coffee,
If no, it's "excuse me sister!"

Mua zamaana taang adaaye
Jag andha par nain ladaaye
Buddhi ho ya na ho bhaiyya
Phir bhi jag mein sabki raay
Baant rahe par saath akal ka
Raah chalte ko pakad pakad
Yahaan wahaan pe dhar pakad
Dhar pakad dhar dharpakad...

Damned world meddles,
The world is blind but talk to your eye ..
[Proverbially to fall in love, which is the literal battle of the eyes]
A mind or not, whether
However, in this world, everyone has an opinion ..
We still give everyone a piece of our mind
For anyone and everyone ..
[Literally: People on the street holding]
Grab here and there ..
Capture and grab ...

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