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Lakh Duniya Kahe - Talaash- Lyrics & English Translation

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Artist : Vishal Dadlani, Sona Mohapatra, Suman Sridhar, Ram Sampath
Album : Talaash
Tracks : 6
Rating : 9.9281
Released : 2012
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

Lakh Duniya Kahe - Talaash- Lyrics  & English Translation

Laakh duniya kahe, tum nahi ho
Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho

How much ever does the world say, you're not there..
you're here.. you're here only..

Meri har soch mein, meri har baat mein
Mere ehsaas mein, mere jazbaat mein
Tum hi tum ho
Tum har kahin ho

I have mine in every thing, in every thought,
My feelings, my emotions,
Only you are there ..
You are everywhere ..

Laakh duniya kahe, tum nahin ho
Tum yaheen ho, tum yaheen ho

Tumne chhoda hai kab saath mera
Thaame ho aaj bhi haath mera
Koi manzil koi rehguzar ho
Aaj bhi tum mere humsafar ho
Jaaun chaahe jahaan tum waheen ho

You left me alone, when (you do not need)
Are you still holding my hand ..
Any floor, any way, be
You're still my partner ..
Wherever I go, there you are ..

Laakh duniya kahe tum nahi ho
Tum yaheen ho, tum yaheen ho..

Khushboo banke hawaaon mein tum ho
Rang banke fizaaon mein tum ho
Koi gaaye koi saans goonje
Sab sureeli sadaaon mein tum ho
Tum ko har roop mein dil hai pehchanta
Log hain bekhabar par hai dil jaanta
Tu mere paas ho, dilnasheen ho

You, as a scent in the air to get there
If you look at the weather
Whoever sings, or whatever breath echoes -
You call all the music in there ..
Heart, everyone recognizes you as
People are ignorant, but my heart knows ..
You are close to my heart, are with me.
Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho...

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