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Naina Chaar -Lyrics & English Translation by Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal

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Naina Chaar -Lyrics & English  Translation  by Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal

wo jo bin bole baatein man ki kar lete hain
jhoothe kisse bhole ban ke gadh lete hain

His heart was talking without speakingthey
Become innocent and false storieswhich ..

chaahe shor mein ya bheed mein,
sannaate ya chheed mein
jo bin dekhe ik dooje se lad lete hain
Whether noise or crowds,
In silence or empty places,
Fight each other without seeing each other for ..

bhaage hum se aage,
jud jaayein to jaise son suhage
ye do tere hain do mere,
naina chaar naina chaar
naina chaar nainaa..

They run ahead
They meet, they were made for each othersuch that it is
Both his and mine are two
Four eyes,
Four eyesin love ..

haanji maan gaye hum hain khoob bure
ye sughad bhale
ye to adiyal hain ji patthar pighlavein
ye na pighlein
paash karein, vashikaran, jaadu-tona sa
dhadke jo chhati ke bheet tikona
bahrupee, thagiya hain
thagen ban ke baalak se

Yes I admit I am really bad,
These (eyes) are very skilful, well-made..
They are stubborn, and make even stones melt,
they never melt.
They do magic, hypnotism, black magic kind of,
when the fearing triangle in the chest [the heart] beats..
They're tricksters, robbers,
They deceive you (while looking innocent) like a kid..

do tere, do mere,
naina chaar naina chaar
naina chaar nainaa..

Baithe chaukhat pe neele noorani ban ke pehri
bhedi dhoondh rahe damru baja baja kaaga lehri
teekhe hain meethe hain ye behlava hain
bharam rache khoob janchein, mahaj dikhava hain
ye baheliya, ye sapere
ye na chhodein das-das ke..

They sit on the threshold, all blue shining, like a guard,
The crows damru,
they're spicy, they're sweet, they're just diversion,
they create illusions, look lovely, they're just show off..
they're fowlers, they're snake-charmers,
they don't leave you, they kill you with their bites..

do tere, do mere,
ye do tere hain do mere,
naina chaar naina chaar
naina chaar nainaa..

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