Acharey Acharey- Masala(2013) & English TranslationLyrics


Acharey Acharey- Masala(2013)   & English TranslationLyrics

Acharey Acharey accha hua
Veccham ga gicchindhi andham hawa
Choosthune choosthune ye kya hua
Dil mera mabbulo thaara juwwa
Sirimalle theegalle thooge pilla
High tension theegalle thaakindhila
Ollantha current paakenthala
Chelaregindhe halla gulla.

What ever happened so far was good
I am struck by her beauty /'ll pinch
What is it?
My heart is still on cloud nine
The girla sprig of jasmine
Touched me like an electric cable
Enough to generate electricity in my body
It made ​​me restle

Dhummule dhummule dhummu repe oopulo
Nippule thokkinattu steplu veyyale
Fuse Lu geesu Lu hiphop koochipoodi mix cheyyaale.

I was put on the fire as if this happiness, I should dance
And koochipudi and should be a mix of hip hop.

Ra Ramanna aakasam dhigi raadhu ra
Vaddhodhanna vachedhi ninnu dhaati pone poledhu
Yenaadaina ayyedhe avthundhi ra
Zindhagi lo andhamaina lekka undhi ra
Raasi petti unte neeku dhakkuthundhi ra
Cheyi jaari poyedhantha waste thokkara
Nee varala face meedhi dhishti chukkara.

You come to ask for the skywill never even IR
Which is destined to come to you and talk to you like you can not pass even if you do not want
If it is destined to dothen it will
Everything in life is destined ago
For yourself, you'll find that
If your out of your reachthen it's a waste
Its like an evil eye on you.

Sikkim Bhutan lottery jackpot ra
Lucky ga Mari neeke dhorikindhi ra
Lovely ga love track ai cherindhi ra
Nee innaala journey ila...!

He's like a lottery ticket
You did it because your luck
Track your trip now stepped in and love.

Dhummule....!!! |Repeat|

Naadhir dhinna dhinna dhinna
Naa gunde savvadilo ninne vinna
Naa choope nuvvaina kannulthona
Sarikottha nanne ne choosthuvunna
Nerpinchara paataalu Nerpinchara
Choopinchara naa story ninne chere dhaare Choopinchara
Nee aasara naakentho kaavaali ra.

Naadhirdhinna ....
Can you hear my heartbeat
I see I am a new vision
Teach me the lesson of love
Let me show you the way to reach
I support / company needs dear.

Thappu oppu vantukoni chanti manasura
Nippu laanti ninnu choosi oppukundhira
Ninna monna leney ledhu intha jaathara
Prema Panchi pelchinaave Mandhu paathara
A class dil undhi nee thodu ga
High speed brain undhi aatadaga
Nee kanta chirunavvu chigurinchaga edhaina chestha padha.

The innocent heart fell for you
A few days agothere was not much happiness and joy
You showed me love and let me high
You have a good heart
To play, we've got brains too
To make you smileI will do anything.
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