Asalaam e Ishqum Yaara - Gunday Lyrics & English Translation

Artist : Javed Ali 
Album : Jashn E Ishqa (Gunday)
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Yash Raj Music
Category : Single Track

Asalaam e Ishqum Yaara - Gunday -  Lyrics & English Translation 

Ishq hai wo aatish ghalib
Jo jalaaye na jale
Uljhaaye na uljhe..

Love the fire, Ghalib's
If that does not start by trying;
And to complicate trying to do, do not get complicated ..

Apni salaamati hai maangti
Tujh se nazar oh naazaneen
Salaam se naakaam se
Dil ki kayi baatein bani..

My vision, O tender beauty asks
For my safety ..
With luck, many times
The failing heart had many successes.
Asalaam-e-Ishkum yaara assalaam-e-Ishqum..Love, my dear, loving invocation to invocation of..

O meri adaayein teer hain..
Haan meri adaayein teer hain
Meri adaayein teer hai..
Mera yaar nishaana tum..

My styles are arrows,
My styles are arrows,
And my friend, you are aiming..

Assalaam-e-ishkum yaara assalaam-e-ishkum..

Apni salaamati hai maangti
Tujh se nazar oh naazneen
Salaam se na kaam se
Dil ki kayi baatein bani..

maar de ya chhod de tu
Rakh le dil ya tod de tu
Aisa koi mod de tu
Zindagi mein ho maza..

Kill me or leave
To keep my heart, or break it,
Give a twist to my life (whatever you do);
The fun is there in life ..

aag hai angdaiyo mein
Mil kabhi tanhaaiyon mein
Husn ki parchhaiyon mein
Khoobsoorat kaafila..

Fire is not in its twists,
When you get lonely sometimes,
In the shadow of beauty,
Caravan is beautiful ..

Hey husn gali mein saikdo..
Re Husn gali mein saikdo..
Husn gali mein saikdo..
Deewane ho gaye ghum..

Hundreds of beauty on the street
Lost lovers ..

Asalam-e-Ishqum yaara Assalam-e-Ishqum..

Soch koi raat aisi
Raat mein ho baat aisi
Baat mein barsaat aisi
Jis mein bheege manchala

Think something like this at night,
Such a thing at night;
Another thing that this kind of rain,
The nuts soaked in a ..

Hey raat ka tanha safar ho
Ishq apne zor par ho
Karwatein kuchh hamsafar ho
Aag bin ho tan jala

're Traveling alone at night,
Love is at its peak,
There are some tossing and turning
Without fire is burning body ..

ek baar dhuyein se husn ke..
Ek baar dhuyein se husn ke..
Ek baar dhuye se husn ke..
Thoda sa bhar lo dum..

, Beauty once with smoke
Take a drag ..

Assalaam-e-ishkum yaara assalaam-e-ishkum..
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