Attharintiki Daaredhi - Bappu Gari Bommo Lyrics English Translation

Movie: Attharintiki Daaredhi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

 Attharintiki Daaredhi - Bappu Gari Bommo -  Lyrics English Translation 

Hey bongaraallanti Kallu Thippindhi
Ungarallunna Juttu Thippindhi
Gingaraalletthey Nadumompullo Nanne Thippindhi

He is around her eyes (like a top) has
She just moved her curly hair
Between the layers off her sexy navel, she made ​​me round.

Ammo...Baapu Gaari Bommo!!
Olammo...Malle Poola Kommo!!

My God! You are a doll of Bapu
My God! Jasmine is the branch of a tree.
(Baapu cute doll as a great way to show your known heroine who is a famousdirector)

Rubberu Gaajula Rangu Theesindhi
Buggala Anchuna Yerupu Raasindhi
Ribbon(nu) kattina Gaalipatam La Nannegaresindhi.

He just took the color of bangles
Apply red on the cheeks
He made ​​me fly like a kite.

Ammo...Dhaani Choopu Gummho!!!
Olammo...Oldmonk Rum(mo)!!!

My God! His eye is an opiate
My God! The Oldmonk Rum (rum is compared with that kick) is

Pagadaala Pedhavulatho Padagottindhi
Katthulleni Yuddham Chesi Nanne Gelichindhi.
Yekam ga Yedha painey narthinchindhi
Abba Naatyam loni mudra chusi Nidra Raaney poindhi

He made ​​me fall for him with her ​​lips
Using a sword that won a war by winning me
She danced on my heart
He gave as an idol is not letting me sleep posture.

Ammo...Baapu Gaari Bommo!!
Olammo...Malle Poola Kommo!!

Monna Meda meedha battalu aaresthu
Kooni Raagam Yedho theesthu
Pidikedu Praanam Pindesaala..Pallavi Paadindhey Pilla

Day before yesterday, When she was drying her clothes
She was Just humming some tune
She ended up singing a stanza from a song which almost drove me crazy.

Ninna coffee glass chethikandhisthu
Naajukaina vellu thaakisthu Metthani matthula Vidhyuth theegai 
Otthidi penchindhe malla.

Yesterday, While giving Coffee over hand
She passed her fingers over mine like a Power cable
And she increased pressure in me.

Kooralo vesey popu naa oohallo vesindhi
Oraga choosey choopu naa vaipey anipisthundhi.

She added those ingredients which we usually use for cooking curries in my imaginations
When she sees diagonally some where, I feel she is seeing me.

Poola lo guchey dhaaram naa gundello gucchindhi
Chieera chengu chivaranchullo Nanne bandhi chesindhi.

She used thread for poking my heart which we usually using for bringing flowers together
She made me imprisoned at edge of her saree.

Poddhupoddhuney Hello antundhi
Poddhu pothey chaalu kallokosthundhi.
Podhasthamaanam Poyinantha dhooram gurthosthundhi.

He says Hello! In the early morning
It gets dark, so I will dream about it
All the time, I have traveled through, remember that distance.

Ammo...Baapu Gaari Bommo!!
Olammo...Malle Poola Kommo!!

Ye maaya lokam lono Nannu mellaga thosesindhi
Thalupulu moosindhi Thaalam pogottesindhi.

He pushed me to a magical world
He closed the door and lost the key.

Aa mabbula anchula dhaaka naa manasunu mosesindhi
Chappudu lekunda nicchena pakkaku laagindhi.

He and my heart took me to the sky high
Just make out any noise she took off with the ladder.

Thinnaga gundenu patti guppetlo patti moosesindhi
Andhamey gandhapu gaaley Malli oopiri posindhi

She took hold of my heart and she closed her fist
Her beauty gave me a new life Slippers evaporated.

Theeyani Mucchatalenno Aalochanlo Acchesindhi
Prema aney kalladhaalu choopulake thagilinchindhi

He printed my views on the many sweet things
He named my love for sight glasses hung.

Poosala desapu raajakumari Aasalu repina andhaala pori
Poosala dhandalo nanney gucchi medalo vesindhi

Represented a new hope in me the pearl queen of the world
He poked in pearls necklace and she was in her throat.

Ammo...Baapu Gaari Bommo!!
Olammo...Malle Poola Kommo!!
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