Aye Dil Bata - Ishq Actually Lyrics & English Translation

Artist : VariousArijit Singh,Ann MitchaiTinku Gill 
Album : Ishk Actually
Tracks : 8
Rating : 7.5000
Released : 2013
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

 Aye Dil Bata - Ishq Actually -Lyrics & English Translation

Kyun baadalon ki gali chaand hairaan hai 
kya pata
Armaanon ke sab iraade pareshaan hain
kyoon bhalaa
Why the moon, clouds in the street is shocked
Who knows,
Wishes all desires (self) are nervous,
Why is that?
Aye dil bata,
Jaane kyun is martabaa
Tune mujhe ye kya keh diya
, Tell me, O heart
That is why at this time
This is what you have told me?
Aye dil bata,
aise kyun hairat bhara
ye pyaar yoon tune de diya
I O (my) heart Tell
Why have you given me this love
All full of surprises
aa.. tera naam..
O.. your name..
Samjhaaya tujhe kitna phir bhi
kiya tune bas apne man ki
galiyon mein ja ke kyun baitha ishq ki

(I did not use it) now, so you've explained
Just what you had wished for ..
You went and sat in the street of love ..

kuch nahi ab mere bas mein
kuch nahi yahaan tere bas mein
badmaashiyaan hain ye kis ki, ishq ki..
bepata laapata ho chala
My control is nothing there now
There is nothing in your control, there is now
Mischieves whose love, they are all ..
(Heart) lost, has become unaware ..

aye dil bata...

jaanta hoon, tu sahi hai,
phir bhi mera kyun nahi hai
dil mein kis ka ye dakhal hai
sab pareshaan sab pare hai
mujh mein ho ke bhi hai mujh se kyun door

I know, you are right..
But why are you not mine?
Whose intereference is here in the heart,
all is troubling, all away from me..
Even when within me, why are you away from me?
aye dil bata...
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