Ayudham - Autonagar Surya 2014 Lyrics &English Translation

Artist : ChorusVijay Prakash 
Album : Autonagar Surya
Tracks : 7
Rating : 6.0000
Released : 2014
Label : Unknown
Category : Telugu

Ayudham  -Autonagar Surya (2014) -Lyrics &English Translation

Adavinaina, kadalinaina
Adhiripothe, chedhiripothaav!
Vodipoyi munigipothaav!
Aayudham manase aayudham!

I have become a sea of ​​forest or 
Where you'll be and what you'll be shivering 
You lose and (sea) to get drowned 
Heart is a Weapon!

Praanamante kaalame sari
Kaalamante chalaname mari
Putte prathi janma jeevitham kaadhu
Chacche prathi chaavu antham kaadhu
Aayudham chalanam aayudham.

Life Time is nothing 
The time of the movement, but nothing (revolution) is 
Every birth is not a life 
(Each) Death is not the end 
Movement (revolution) is a weapon!

Veluthurunna lokamantha
Kallumoosi kaalamantha
Nidhurapothe, chacchipothaav!
Cheekatinta maggipothaav!

It was full of the brightness of the World 
If the time for a while, closes its eyes 
Choose to sleepYou'll no longer exist 
You'll be left alone in the dark!

Aayudham kaalam aayudham
Aayudham chalanam aayudham

Heart is a Weapon 
Movement (revolution) is a weapon!
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