Bhai title song - Bhai Lyrics & English Translation

Muisc:  DSP
Singers: DSP, Suchith Suresan

Bhai title song  - Bhai Lyrics & English  Translation 

Cheekati padithe play boy
Veedu mass, veedu class
Dora babu of Dubai

Once it gets dark boy playing
The man is a big man as he was a class
Hong Kong to Dubai.

Atu guns, itu girls
Mana kingdom dom manadhe
Violence, Romance 2 in 1 fun manadhe
Hi fi ga  Gallo thele sommundhe
WiFi lo praanam theese dhammundhe
Suryudila day time beauty shoot avuddhe
Chandhrudila night time pakka chill chill.

Guns and girls on the other side
Its my state
With i 2 1, enjoy the romance and violence
Have enough money to lead a luxurious life
Even through WiFi can kill people
During the day, my beauty shot / gets recorded
During the night, I will have fun.
Cheekati padithe chaalu naa bulletlanni poolu idhi party style
Nattintlo swimming pool, full vennelo jalakaalu with kanne andhaalu.

It gets dark, my bullets will become flowers
Swimming pool at my house, I'll have fun in the moonlight with young beauties.

Everyday dhandha of course maamoole
Now and then konchem recharge kaavaale

Every day, there is definitely a hooligan
But now and then, I (having fun with the girls) need to be replenished

B H A I | Repeat |

God bless you my enemies
Naakedhurosthe no chance
Nee ticket confirm
Guripettaano naa lensu, iha come down ye mee days
Mee brathuke basmam

My enemy, may God bless you guys
When you face me, you have no chance of survival, a confirmed ticket hell will not like it
I will destroy your life means it already has come down in life, my objective lens.
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