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Des Mera Rangrez Meaning

Des Mera rangrez ye baabu,
dear sir, my country is a dyer 

ghaat ghaat yahan ghat-ta jaadu,

Magic is not here at all ghaat 

des mera rangrez ye baabu..

Raai Pahad hai kankar shankar

A mustard seed is a mountain and a rock god(Lord Shivacan be

Baat hai chhoti bada Batangad

Minor issues (for no reasonare larger

Arre India sir yeh cheez durandar

Sirit's a great thing for India

Rang rangeela parja tantar

It's very colorful democracy

Saat rang satranga mela

Seven colors, seven colors of the fair

Bas ranga sa bada jhamela

And the color is entangled in

Gira gagan se khajoor mein dhela

And a stone fell from the sky (instead of coming to Earthwas stuck in the tree on

Sukh dukh pakdam pakdi khela

Playing hide and seek happiness and sadness

Haye ek rang duniyo ka niraala 

Many of the world a color

Ek rang agyaani

That one knows nothing and color

Rang rang mein hod lagi hai

It is a race between colors

Rang rangi manmaani

Color colorful enjoying.

Sookhe naina rookhi akhiyan

dry eyes, dry eyes 

Dhundla dhundla sapna

Cloudy Dream

Aansu bhi namkeen hai pyaare

Tears are salty

Jo tapke so chakhna

It falls when it tastes

* * *

Ghaat - People bathing in a river next step
Chakhna flavor means it is a salty snack

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