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Dil ibadat Meaning of Lyrics

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Dil ibadat kar raha hai Dhadkanein meri sun

Tujh ko main kar loon haasil lagi hai yehi dhun
Zindagi ki shaakh se loon kuch haseen pal main chun
Tujh ko main kar loon haasil lagi hai yehi dhun

My heart is in prayer, listen to my heartbeat
I only want what I want, you should get
I should take some beautiful moments of life branches
I only want what I want, you should get
Jo bhi jitne pal jiyun Unhe tere sang jiyun
Jo bhi kal ho ab mera Usse tere sang jiyun
Jo bhi saansein main bharun Unhe tere sang bharoon
Chahe jo ho raasta Usse tere sang chaloon

In a few moments I live, I must live with you
Whatever is right for me, I must stick with you
Whatever I breathe, I should take with them
Whatever path now, I should go with you.

Mujhko de tu mitt jaane ab se khud dil mil jaane
Kyun hai yeh itna faasla
Lamhe ye phir na aane Inko tu na de jaane
Tu mujhpe khudko de lutaa
Tujhe tujh se tod loon Kahin khud se jod loon
Mere jismo jaan mein aa Teri khushboo odh loon
Jo bhi saansein...

You end up me, my heart fit
Why is so much distance
These moments will not come again, do not let them
You sacrifice yourself on me
I can add yourself somewhere, you should pluck yourself
Come to my body and soul, I should cover myself with your scent
Whatever breath ...
Bahaon mein de bas jaane, Seene mein de chhup jaane
Tujh bin main jaaun to kahan
Tujh se hai mujhko paane, Yaadon ke woh nazraane
Ik jinpe hak ho bas mera
Teri yaadon mein rahun Tere khwabon mein jagun
Mujhe doondhe jab koi Teri aankhon mein milun
Jo bhi saansein main...

Let me hide in your chest, keep your arms;
And where I am, you can leave
I get those gifts from you for the memories
That's just me.
Should I stay in my memories, I wake up in your dreams
No feeling for me, I should be found in your eyes ..
There was even breathing.

(I've tried to do little to ease the 'I' mind 'in the whole song, I should I use' where it actually goes)

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