Golimar - Rey(2014) Telugu Movie Lyrics & EnglishTranslation

Artist : RanjithHema Chandra 
Album : Rey
Tracks : 8
Rating : 6.7500
Released : 2014
Label : Unknown
Category : Telugu

Golimar - Rey(2014) Telugu Movie Lyrics & English Translation 

Kill kill kill
Hey baby, how are you doing?

Shoot the bullet
Shoot shoot..!

Kaashmora kougalisthe yemi chesthaavo?
Nepaali manthramesthe yemi chesthaVo?
Kangaaru padda kanne shrungaarama
Vonulullo kooda intha vayyarama?
Golimaar maar maar (4)

Kaashmora) a deadly spirit) hugs to you what will you do? 
Blackmagic happen to you songs 
Oh my flustered sexy beauty 
Under this condition, you've got a style and Romance 
Shoot bullets ... Shoot Shoot

Muttangaane mattaipoye kutti chappantang osthe, muddhe pettaalante allaadi pothaave ammadu
Baanamati chesthaaro? Praanalinka theesthaaro?!
Unna mathi poyaaka, ukku paathra esthaaro
Oh inti banthi, poo banthi
Oh saanthi, shanthi om shanthi!

Turns to dust when it comes to a spiritual soul and asks for a kiss, you'll be shaking like nothing Oh, poor girl! 
They free you from evil spirits or to bring souls out of you might have to kill you 
Once you lost your mind, your place is in a beaker of salt 
Oh girl, homely and gentle girl 
Peace, without peace and odd.

Rudram, Roudram, Ririmsa
Moorkham, Modham, Mumursaa
Killer killer killer....!!

Courage / bravery, anger / Rage, Revenge / revenge 
Stupidity / Madness, hatred, and intolerance

Muttangaane nippaipoye, korivi dhayyalosthe kongulantukunte
Challaredhi yettaago ippudu
Chethabadi chesthaaro kodimeda kosthaaro!!
Smashaanaala veedhullo pisaachaale padathaaro
Oh naari, pyaari, vayyaari
Oh bhadhra kaali, kankaali!

Gray / fire once you touched the hand of the devil, and if your clothes are on firenow! I do not have to cool the flames! 
Witch or else they may have to cut the throat of a chicken 
Cemetery in the lanes, the spirits will be trapped 
Oh, girl, beautiful, and sexy one 
Oh My Goddess! (Demons killed)

Theevram, Teendram, didruksha
Mundhu venuka pareeksha!
Killer killer killer..!!

Intensity, Focus / Concentration, love / commitment 
Testing, front and rear 
Killer Killer ...!

Golimaar maar maar (4)

Yendi royyalu,pacchi royyalu, bommideyulu, peethalu, kittha parugulu

Yenti boss ee santha!
Santha kaadhu ra nee bontha!
Idhi naa slokam, ee slokaani padhe padhe smaristhe Janna hatrick saadhisthundhi
Sarvey Janna, sukhino bhavanthu
Ani selavisthunnadu ee Lungi Baba, S/O langa Baba!!
1,2 ka 4
4,2 ka 1

Different leaves, 
Various Seafoods. 
This nuisance / What's the market? '
Disgusting, my feet! 
When its my verse, it was a victory for everyone. 
When this is received, all the planets would be in favor of Janna and she hit hatrick. 
I want her to be happy ..! 
The Lungi Baba, the signature of S / O Langa is he!
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