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Ja Chudail (Delhi Belly) Lyrics English Translation

Artist : Chetan ShashitalSuraj JaganSona MohapatraKeerthiShazneenTarannum MalikKeerthi SagathiaRam Sampath 
Album : Delhi Belly
Tracks : 10
Rating : 8.3750
Released : 2011
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

Ja Chudail (Delhi Belly) Lyrics English Translation

chhoti chhoti baaton se hai tune jo sataya mujhe
ungli pe nacha ke mujhe choona jo lagaya mujhe
are ja ja ja go to hell
are ja ja ja I wanna say this ja chudail ja chudail, ja chudail

You bother me with the small things,
I am at your fingertips, the way you made ​​me a fool out dancing
Go to hell, go, go
Go, goI want to say itgo o witchwitch go ..

palkon par bithaya tujhe
roothi to manaya tujhe
pyaar mein to khuda bhi banaya tujhe
par, tujhko kadar nahi ye le dekh thenga mera
ye le ja tu koi kya ukhad lega mera
abe ja ja ja go to hell
ja ja ja once again ja chudail ja chudail, chudail..

I put on my eyelids (you gave every facility)
You got angry when I placated
I am in love, you turned out to God for
Howeveryou (when you can not afford anything else u show ur thumbNow take mythumb (so) do not care ..
Take thisand anyone do to me
Go to hell, go, go ..
Once again go go go witchwitch go .. Witch ..

phoolon sa chehra tera
dil pe tha pehra tera
reh gaya ab wahan dard gehra tera
phool wool kuch nahi sada hua aaloo hai tu
you know what you are!
hoor nahi pari nahi jungli ek bhalu hai tu
are haan haan haan go to hell
are ja ja ja everybody, ja chudail ja chudail, chudail..

Your face like flowers,
The heart was his guard
Now you have a deep painthere is
There is nothing like a flower, you're a rotten potato
You know who you are ..
Not an angel, not an angelyou are a wild bear,
Go to hell yeah Oh yeah,
Oh, gogo everybodygo witchgo bitch ..

abe ja ja ja go to hell..
ja ja ja once again ja chudail ja chudail chudail..
yeah yeah. 

(Chudail in Hindi literally translates to Witch, but the meaning here can be taken as just a slang, and may be compared to Bitch)

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