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Jaadoo ki Jhappi - Ramaiya Vastavaiya Lyrics English Translation

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Artist : Mika SinghAtif AslamShreya Ghoshal,Neha KakkarMohit ChauhanMonali Thakur 
Album : Ramaiya Vastavaiya
Tracks : 7
Rating : 9.9961
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Jaadoo ki Jhappi - Ramaiya Vastavaiya Lyrics English Translation

Kachchee karaaree jawaanee kunwaaree hoon
Meethee supaaree main haaye taubaaa

Raw, crispy, I'm young loner
I'm a sweet nut, O God ..

Nainaa kateelay jo laage to chheelay
Jiyaa baari baari mein haaye taubaa
To le maukaa, le kar saudaa
Dil teraa de de to badle mein de doon main
Jaadoo ki jhappi, le ja tu abbhi
Miloongi phir naaa dobaaraa

Touch, cut my (prickly eyes), which,
Hearts one by one, O God ..
Using the opportunity, a bargain today
You give me your heart, I'll give you in return
A hug, get it now at

I will be meeting you again ..

Jaadoo ki jhappi... de de
Jaadoo ki jhappi
Hothon se pappi... de de
Jaadu ki jhappi

Embrace .. Embrace me
Of the lip Kiss the .. Give me
One hug..

Ho tu chalee, har galee dete jhappi shappi ho
Haan tu chalee hai, har galee hai dete jhappi shappi
Dekh le tu mujhko bhi to
Ho jaaun main lucky

You hug people, walked every street
You hug people, walked every street
You can also see me
I'll be lucky

Lucky jo honaa hai
Baahon mein khonaa hai
Aa tu demand meri sun le zaraa
Nukkad pe konaa hai
Miltaa wahaan sonaa hai
Sone ke gahenon ke badle mein de doon main
Jaadoo kee jhappi.. le jaa tu abhi..
Miloongee phir naa dobaaraa

You'd be lucky
And get lost in my arms
Come and listen to my demand
On the corner of intersection
Gold is sold
Instead of gold, I'll give you
A hug, get it now at
I would not be caught again

Hey jaadu ki jhappi lay jaa tu abhi
Miloongi phir naa dobara
Hothon se pappi le ja tu abhi
Milungi main naa dobara

Yala la la la...
Style jo hai meraa hai badaa special
Style ye meraa ho meraa hai badaa special
Dekhe jo bhi baby isko de de apnaa wo dil

My style is very special,
My style is very special,
For any child who gives his heart to see that

Style jo maaregaa khud se hi haaregaa
Le ke meree jhappi main to chalee

You show your style, you will lose yourself
I carry with me, hug me, I'm going

Na naa naa naa goree
Style maine chhodee
Chaahe jo le le aur badlay mein de de tu
jaadoo ki jhappi, de jaa tu abhi
Milenge hum naa dobaaraa

Fair, girl, no, no, no
I left the style
Take anything, but give me in return
Your throat, just give it
I would not be caught again

Hey jaadu ki jhappee..

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