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Khud se Dil Dar Sa Gaya Hai - Madras Cafe Lyrics English Translation

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Movie: Madras Cafe
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Ali Hayaa
Singer: Angaraag Mahanta 'Papon'

Khud se Dil Dar Sa Gaya Hai -Madras Cafe- Lyrics English Translation

Khud se dil dar saa gayaa hai
Andar kuchh mar saa gayaa hai..
Dil se dil ghabraa rahaa hai..
Khud se bikhar saa gayaa hai..

Heart, afraid of himself
Something inside has died, such as
The heart is the fear ..
It was as if that in itself crumbled ..

Khoyi si chaandani bhi ho gayi hai badgumaaN
Ab to ye zindagi bhi lagti hai ek badduaa
Zehreelay zakhmon ki ye jo kharaashein hain..
Koi to aake dekh le..
Khud se taraashe hai..

Lost moonlight, became distrustful
Life still seems like a curse ..
There are poisonous wound that these sorenesses,
Someone come and see them ..
I chiseled them myself ...

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