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Lautungi Main Tere Liye Lyrics In English Translation

Artist : Sunidhi ChauhanRekha Bhardwaj,Clinton CerejoSuresh WadkarPadmanabh Gaikwad 
Album : Ek Thi Daayan
Tracks : 5
Rating : 8.1596
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies


Lautungi Main Tere Liye Lyrics In English Translation 
Sehmi sehmi raaton mein
Sehemi sehemi chalti hoon..
Lautoongi main tere liye
Tere liye
jaaneya ve..

Frightened nights,
I walk fearfully ..
I'll return back to you
For youmy love ..

Kaali amaavas ke peechhe khadi hoon main
Saalon ke jaalon mein kab se padi hoon main
Bechain hoon tere liye
Ho jaaneya..

I'll stand behind dark moonless night
Long time since I'm stuck in the webs of the year ..
I'm desperate for you .. O my love ..

Jab doobega din, deeyaa jalaana tum
Aavaaz de ke phir mujh ko bulaana tum
Lautoongi main tere liye.. Jaaneya ve..
Tere liye saathi mere janeya ve..

Day ends, you light a lamp
And then call and invite me ..
I have for youwill come back .. O my love ..
Youmy companionO my life ..

Veeraan peDon ke saaye jab chalte hain
Maasoom roohon ko andhere daste hain
Darti hoon main tere liye,
O ho jaaneya..

Let go of the shadows of bare trees,
Dark innocent souls bites ..
I'm afraid for you ..
O my love ..

Jab raatein pighlein, hook lagana tum
Aakaash ka koi konaa uthaana tum
Lautoongi main tere liye jaaneya ve..
Tere liye saathi mere jaaneya ve

Nights tend to meltcall out for me ..
(With your voice, make yourself heardto lift a corner of the sky ..
I have for youwill come back .. O my love ..
For youO my companionO my life ..

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