Masala Title song- Masala(2013) Lyrics&English Translation

 Masala Title song- Masala(2013)- Lyrics&English Translation

Masala Masala..!
Oh tolly tolly masala.

Spice Spice
Tollywood Masala ..!

Konchem salt and pepper la
Konchem sweet and chilli la
Life is full of masala
Rangulu maare flavour la.

Its like a little salt and pepper
Slightly sweet and spicy
Life masala (spice) is full of
A taste that often changes color.

Tolly tolly masala
Venky, ram ka masala.

Ee nimisham tension pettela
Maru nimisham kithakithalettela
Life is full of masala
Taste ye chesi choodaala.

The tension builds the minute
And the next minute tingles
Life is full of spice and flavor to it.

Oh venky paaji's got the moves
Ram you rock it with your grooves
Spicy messy hot and cool
Oh venky, ram you just rule.


Temple run game alle parugulu pettinchesela
Ventaade problem la tharime friend ye masala
All the time mercury bulb ai veligela
IQ ke kick iche allergy tonic masala
Temple run game like a ride in
Spice it constantly comes backwho is a friend
It shines all the time
Can kick it wit.

Masalaane lekunte dull aipoddhi life antha
Ee masala lo manshini nadipe fuel undhanta

There were spice nit, then life would be so dull
This (and the surviving part of the fuel is a man who can walk)
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