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Mera Desh song - Satyagraha Lyrics English Translation

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 Artist : Various 
Album : Satyagraha
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Mera Desh song - Satyagraha - Lyrics English  Translation

Dekho zaraa theher ke
mera desh ro rahaa hai
Ghayal hai man kaa konaa
mera desh ro raha hai
mera desh.. mera desh..

Just pause and see
My country is crying,
A corner of the heart is wounded;
My country is crying,
My Country, My Country.

Parvat sa oonchaa maatha
par chot ke nishaan hain
nadiyon ke geet chup hain,
khaamosh har zubaan hai
har aankh poochhti hai
kya mera rona dekha
har chehra poochhta hai
kya mera kona dekha

Head high like a mountain,
But there are signs of injury;
Song of the rivers, are silent
Every tongue is silent
Every eye, asks
You saw me crying ..
Every face, asks

have you seen my corner?

zara badh ke haath thaamo
Vishwas kho raha hai
dekho zara theher ke,
mera desh ro raha hai..

, Go ahead and hold hands
Faith is dying ..
Just pause and see
My country is crying.

har dil yoon chhalakta hai
nainitaal ho gaya
dekho to kitna zakhm
garhwal ho gaya hai
mere desh ka ek hissa,
bade dard mein hai yaaron,
hamein fikr hai to aisa,
kyun haal ho gaya hai

Every heart brims,
It's as if Nainitaal
See how much a wound
Garhwal has become ..
Part of my country
Pain, have a lot of friends.
We are concerned
That is the kind of situation ..

Kyun koi yoon akele
palkein bhigo raha hai
dekho zara theher ke,
mera desh ro raha hai..

Why is someone
All alone with wet eyes,
Just pause and see
My country is crying ..

bada naaz is pe humko
rukte kabhi nahi hum,
vipada badi ho kitni,
jhukte kabhi nahin hum,
hum mein hai shakti ya phir
parwaah hi nahi hai
khud mein magan hain itne,
thamte kabhi nahi hum..
We are proud
That we never stop ..
But the big problem,
We never bow ..
Power is within us
Or do we just not care?
We, ourselves are lost in
We are never going to stop?

jazba ye zindagi ka
sawaal ho raha hai
dekho zara theher ke
mera desh ro raha hai..
mera desh mera desh mera desh..

This attitude of life,
Poses the question,
Just pause and see
My country is crying ..
My Country, My Country ..

santaan soorya ki hum,
deepak to naam ke hain
jal padein jo sang sang 
phir kitne kaam ke hain..
taandav na raat ka ho
hum jyoti rath hain laaye
ab roshni ugegi,
hum le shapath hain aaye

We're the children of the sun,
it's just that we're called lamps!
If we burn all together,
then we're so very useful..
So that there is no angry dance of night,
we have brought chariot of light.
now light will grow,
We have taken an oath..

jo dard desh ko hai
hum sab ko ho raha hai
dekho zara theher ke
mera desh ro raha hai
mera desh ro raha hai

The country is bearing the pain
Everyone has the effect
Just pause and see
My country is crying ..

My country is crying.

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