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Mere Yaara Tere Gham Lyrics Translation In English

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Artist : Sunidhi ChauhanRekha Bhardwaj,Clinton CerejoSuresh WadkarPadmanabh Gaikwad 
Album : Ek Thi Daayan
Tracks : 5
Rating : 8.1596
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies


Mere Yaara Tere Gham Lyrics Translation In English 

Apni aankhein khaalee kar de
Kaash tu meree aankhein bhar de

Empty your own eyes (of tears)
May you fill my eyes (instead, with tears)..

Mere yaaraa tere gham agar paayenge
Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jayenge

O my love, if I get your sorrows,
I swear to you, I'll become better.. (become beautiful)

Do yeh saugaat tum, to zamaane kee hum
Har khushi se muqar jaayenge
Hum mar jayenge

If you give me this gift, I'll say no to all other 
happinesses of life..
I'll die..

Tere kaandhe se hi lag ke
Yaara beetey umar saari
Socho kaisee hogee kismat
Hua yoon to phir hamaari
Saare aansoon to hon tere
Aur aankhein hon hamaari
Tere dard humein, jo mile pyaar mein
Hum khushi se yoon bhar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge

All my life should pass
next to your shoulder only..
Think how (good) would my luck be,
if it so happens..
All tears of yours be
in my eyes..
If I get your sorrows in love,
I'll be so filled with joy..
I'll die..

Mere yaaraa tere gham agar payenge
Hame teri hai kasam ham sanwar jaayenge

Chaahe dukh ho, chaahe sukh ho
Dil ne tujh ko hi pukaara
Tune hum ko hai banaaya
Tune hum ko hai sanwaara
Jahaan ko to rab ka hai, humein tera hai sahaara
Bas teraa saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho
Tere kehne se kar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge..

Be it sorrow, or happiness,
The heart always calls for you..
You've made me,
you've made me better..
For the world, there is God, but for me, there is you..
Only you should be there.. whatever it is,
I'll do once you say..
I'll die..

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