Nemmadhiga - Bhai song lyrics & English Translation

Singers:Venu Srirangam, Swetha Mohan

Nemmadhiga -Bhai -  song lyrics  & English Translation 

Nemmadhiga nemmadhiga pattukunnadhocchi ee prema and picchi
Nemmadhiga nemmadhiga chuttukunnadhocchi nee choopulalo mirchi
SlowlyI was fascinated how to love
SlowlyI reached spice in your vision.

Nee gundellona pechi, ne vinnanamma koochi
Thelusu kadha andhuke unta vechi
Thelusukune cherina anni marichi.

SlowlyI was fascinated how to love
SlowlyI reached spice in your vision....

Nemmadhiga | Repeat |

Chenthake mabbulu vasthunna, chettuke dabbulu kaasthunna vaddhule nuvvila pakkane unte..!
Haay gundello guvvalu koosthunna, chethilo puvvulu poosthunna choodana nuvvila nannu choosthunte.

You are here with me when the money grows on trees or clouds come to meeven though I do not need
Feeding into my hands in my heart or flower tunes going on there even if you're likeme like thisI would see.

Kannelle gelam vesthunna, intine velam vesthunna
Vellane edhemaina  neetho paatu nenunte

Nemmadhiga nemmadhiga | Repeat |

Chukkale raara Ramanna, swargame raasiathaananna nuvvila mundhunte lekka chesthaana
Lokame vankalu peduthunna, kaalame sankhellu vesthunna, nuvvila rammante vacchi vaalena..!

I have infront of me when I paradise stars I will say that my name was saidwould not even be bothered to even ask.
Society / world is trying to show imperfections, even when askedwhile tries to stop meeven though I will be in front of you.

Janmale maaralsosthunna, janmalo verai untaana? Shrushtilo ye chota unna neelo swasai nenunna..!
In my next life I will be born as someone else, I will never leave you. You are my breath, no matter where you are.

Nemmadhiga nemmadhiga | Repeat
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