Palat Meri Jaan Latest song - Total Siyapaa Lyrics & EnglishTranslation 2014

Artist : Ali Zafar 
Album : Total Siyapaa
Tracks : 5
Rating : 7.1875
Released : 2014
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

Halki Halki Khushboo Si Tum Ho
You are like a mild fragrance
Jaise Subahon Ka Jaadu Ho
You’re like a magic of the morning
Dheemi Dheemi Iss Pal Mein Tum Ho…
In this moment, You are moving slowly
Jaise Jharne Pe Baadal Ho
Like a cloud on a waterfall
Unhein Chhu Loon To Tum Ud Jao
If I touch You, then You will fly away
Tumko Pakdoon To Sharma Jao…
If I grab/embrace You, then You will become abashed

Palat Meri Jaan
Turn around, my love 
Kuch Meri Sun Kuchh Apni Suna
Listen to me and You also tell me something
Mujhko Seene Se Le Tu Laga
Embrace me
Meri Dhadkan Hui Hai Jawaan…
My heart-beats have now reached prime youth

Palat Meri Jaan
Turn around, my love 
Tu Mera Din, Tu Meri Subah
You are my day, You are my morning
Meri Khamoshiyon Ki Sadaa
You are the voice of my silences
Mere Ishq Ki Tu Inteha…
You’re the apex of my love

Oas Mein Chhalki Boondon Jaisi Ho
You’re like the overflowing dew-drops
Subahon Mein Chhanti Kirno Jaisi
You’re like the glowing sun rays of the morning
Jis Rut Mein Ho, Khil Jaaye Wo
In whichever season You’re there, it becomes fresh/lively
Geeton Mein Lafzon Ki Tarah…
You are like words of songs
Meethe Suron Ka Ho Bayaan… 
You are the reason behind the sweetness in each (musical) note
Hmm Mmm…

Main Palak Jhapkun To Tum Aa Jao
May You arrive if I just blink my eyes
Thandi Saanson Ko Garma Jao…
And warm this cold breath of mine

Palat Meri Jaan
Turn around, my love 
Ishq Tera Hi Mera Jahaan
Your love is my world
Rooh Mein Meri Tera Gumaan
In my soul, Your intoxication is spread
Teri Chahat Mein Main Hoon Fanaa…
I’m sacrificed in Your desire

Palat Meri Jaan
Turn around, my love 
Dekha Hai Maine Tujh Mein Khuda…
I’ve seen God within You
Hai Ibaadat Teri Har Ada…
Every style/grace of Yours is a prayer of mine
(I pray for a glimpse of every style/grace of Yours)
Mere Ishq Ki Tu Intehaa… Aaa… Oo...
You’re the apex of my love

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