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Ras ke Bhare Tore Nain - Satyagraha Lyrics English Translation

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Artist : Various 
Album : Satyagraha
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Saanwariya.. Sawariya..
Sanwariya.. Saawariya..

O dark, O dear ..

Ras ke bhare tore nain saanwariya
Ras ke bhare tore nain..

Your eyes are full of sweet syrup
Oh dear, your eyes are full of sweetness ..

Tadpat hoon din rain saanwariya
Tadpat hoon din rain..
Bin dekhe naahi chain saanwariya..
Bin dekhe naahi chain..

I agonize day and night, dear God,
I agonize for you day and night ..
Until I see you, dear God, do not get peace
I do not rest until I see you ..

O, ras ke bhare tore nain saawariyaa
Ras ke bhare tohre nain..

Dirkit dha dha dha... Dirkit dha

Notes for percussion

Dard jiyaa ka kaase kahoon main
Tees main kaise boloon..
Piyaa binaa main jogan jogan
Ban ke baawariyaa doloon..
Aur na kar bechain saawariya.. Saawariya..

How do I tell my heart ache
I tell you in the heart of stinging ..
Without my dear I feel like a monk
Going crazy, I wander here and there
Now, dear, do not make me nervous ahead ..

Ras ke bhare tore nain saawariya

Tohri khaatir sej sajaayi

Khushboo phulwaa-phulwaa..
Ang ang more gandh tihaaree
Bahiyaan jhoolaa jhulwaa..
Hui suhaagan rain saawariya..
Hui suhaagan rain..

For you, I laced bed
Where there is every flower fragrance ..
My whole body is scented with fragrance
I swing my arms ..
A newly wed night, my favorites ..
Night has become a newlywed ..

O ras ke bhare tore nain saawariya
Ras ke bhare tore nain

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