Selavanuko - Heart Attack Telugu (2014) - Lyrics & English translation

Artist : Kunal GanjawalaRahul NambiarAnoop RubensChaitra 
Album : Heart Attack
Tracks : 7
Rating : 8.7500
Released : 2014
Label : Unknown
Category : Telugu

Selavanuko - Heart Attack  Telugu (2014) - Lyrics & English translation

Selavanuko Mari edavake manasa
Kalaganake adhi nijam ai podhu kadha
Ee dhooram yenaatiki cheruvavvuno
Ee mounam inkeppudu maatalaaduno
Kannulloni kanniti kerataalalo hoo oo.

Oh, my dear, all my heart, that which is good by 
It is possible to change the truth, that is not to be 
This distance has nothing to do? 
The silence will speak? 
In the waves of my tears!

Ye manasuni thittaali
Ee kshanam!!

What should I do? 
I think about you 
It should be attributed to the heart (your's or mine) 
At this very moment ..? 

Selavanuko | repeat |
Anukunna anukunna naathote untaavanukunna
Naalaage neekkuda nenante ishtam anukunna
Pilichaana ramanni? Kasiraana pommani?
Chivariki ee aatalo aipoya bommani? :(
Nuvvu kaadhante iha raanante mana iddhari Madhya inkem ledhante.

I think you will always be with me 
I (and I like how you) even though you are like me 
I leave you? Did I scream in my life and ask you to enter? 
Finally, I've become a toy in this game: '(
You "no", say, to deny the return, and we would not be left to deal with any business .. 
Then .. 

Nenemaipovaali | repeat |
Oh nuvvante naalanti inko nenani anukunna
Inaallee brhamalone aanandhamga brathikaana?!
Nacchindhe thadavuga velloddhe alusani
Chebuthunna manasuki vintundha maatani
Naa oohalni Naa aasalni narikesthunna 
Uniki vinesthe.
I want you, "another me" Sound 
All these days I was happy to lead the visual? 
I'd like to go back to everything said in my heart, but obeyed / I never heard of 
It is killing my dreams, my inner voice, listen, no, not the desires 
Then ..
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