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Sham Gulaabi - Shuddh Desi Romance Lyrics English Translation

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 Artist : Jigar Saraiya 
Album : Gulabi (Shuddh Desi Romance)
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi

Sham Gulaabi - Shuddh Desi Romance -  Lyrics English  Translation 

Shaam gulaabi, sehar gulabi
Pehar gulaabi hai gulabi ye shehar..

TShe has pink eveningmorningpink
Pink, and the city is also pink ..

Main bhi gulabi, tu hai gulabi
Din bhi gulaabi hai gulaabi ye kehar..

I'm pinkand pink
Pink and havoc day (that you have created in my mindis too pink ..

Gulabi dori hai, bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena jori hai
Gulabi dori hai, Bandhi ye chori hai
Naa roka-toki hai na seena jori hai re

Hide tied the thread between us is pink,
Has no powerand no airs ..
Hide tied the thread between us is pink,
Not interfered constantly, and there is no ego ..

Raah bhi gulabi ye naav bhi gulabi
Dariya me jo main bahoon gulabi
Kahoon bhi gulabi, main sahoon bhi gulabi
Lagtaa hai main rahoon bhi gulaabi..

The path is pinkand the boat is too pink
I coyly float in the river ..
, I talk pinkpink bear and I
I think I will stay pink ..

Jaane re jaane mann jaane hai
Rang, rang gulaabi hai preet ro
Jaane re jaane sab jaane hai
Rang, Rang gulaabi hai preet ro

The heart of love that knows the color pink
Everyone knows that pink is the color of love

Gulaabi dori hai, bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena zori hai
Gulabi dori hai re, bandhi ye chori hai re
Naa roka-toki hai naa seena zori hai re

Dard gulabi, chain gulabi
Davaa bhi gulabi hai gulabi hai asar

Pink painreliefPink
The drug is pinkand the effect is too pink ..

Naam gulabi ye nain gulabi
Nain gulabi hai gulabi hai safar

Your name is pinkpink eyes,
And with pink eyespink trip ..

Haule gulaabi hain tez gulabi
Karte shararat lab bhi gulabi re

We're pink when slow, and pink when fast,
our lips make a pink mischief too..

Choom le gulaabi rangrez gulaabi
Haule le chal tez gulaabi..

Pinkpink Dior Hey Kiss
I'm pinkfast, take metake it slow

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