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Shikayatein Mitane Lagi Lyrics Translation - Lootera

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Artist : Various 
Album : Lootera
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Shikayatein Mitane Lagi Lyrics Translation - Lootera

Shikaayatein mitaane lagee
Subah bedaag hai, subah bedaag hai
Jo barf ko galaane lagee
Kahin to aag hai, kahin to aag hai

It was concluded that all complaints
Morning is spotless clean this morning ..
Which, snow is melting
Somewhere, the fire ..

Naa udne ki is dafaa thaami
Parindo ne bhi wafaa jaani
Andhere ko baahon mein le ke
Ujaale ne ghar basaayaa hai
Churaayaa tha jo chukaayaa hai

This time they decided not to fly away,
even birds have understood faithfulness..
holding darkness in its arms,
light has made a home..
What was stolen is paid off..

Shikaytein mitaane lagi
Subah bedaag hai, subah bedag hai
Jo barf ko galaane lagi
Kaheen to aag hai, kaheen to aag hai..

Ek jeet tu hai, ek haar main hoon
Haar jeet jode jo taar main hoon
Ek jeet tu hai, ek haar main hoon

You're a victory, I'm a loss,
And the relation that is built in the game of win and loss,
I'm that.

Bataaye bin galtiyaan ginaaye
Sitaare jab bhi sada sunayein
Luteron ko baaghbaan banayein
Naseebon ki baat hai, naseebon ki baat hai..

They count the mistakes to you without intimation,
whenever the stars call for you..
They make looters custodians,
it depends on luck.. It all depends on luck..

Zameer ki kahaani hai yeh
Yehi bairaag hai, yehi bairaag hai..

It's the story of soul,
this is reclusion, this only is reclusion..

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