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Tere Doggy ko mujhpe - Phata Poster Nikla Hero Lyrics English Translation

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Artist : Various 
Album : Phata Poster Nikla Hero
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.7500
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Tere Doggy ko mujhpe - Phata Poster Nikla Hero - Lyrics  English Translation

Aaja pyaar ki ho deal
Deal bole to.. haat haat
Ama yaar sauda sauda
Today we have an agreement of love
Deal mean ..? Market,
Oh dear, this transaction means ..

Dono deal karein seal
Tight tight very tight..
Aankhon se ho agreement
Chalein us pe permanent
Hasraton ke court mein ye
Dil ka judge kahe.
Order, order..
We will seal the deal
Very tight tight tight ..
The agreement will be through the eyes
We will always stick to the agreement
Wishes of the court,
The heart of the judge should say ..
Order, order ..

Khali pili khaali peeli rokne ka nai
Tera peechha karun to tokne ka nai
Do not stop me for no reason
I come up behind you, do not ask me to do.

Hai tujh pe right mera
Tu hai delight mera
Tera rastaa jo rokun chaunkane ka nai
I have a right to
You're my delight
I block your way, so do not be surprised ..

Tere doggy ko mujh pe bhaunkane ka nai
Tera peecha karoon to tokne ka nai
Your dog should not bark at me
I come back, I do not stop.

Tu mere agal bagal hai
Main tere agal bagal hoon
I'm next to you
You (also) are close to me ..

Fokatiyon sa pyaar karungaa
Baaton se hi pet bharungaa
Missed call pe phone tu karnaa
Mar jaaoonga pyaar mein varna
I will love you like a pauper
I will fill your belly with your words
I will give you a missed call, call me back
Otherwise I will die in love.

Mahiwaal ka maama
Farhad ka foofa
Majnu se kam tu sochne ka nai
Sachcha aashiq hoon mujhe thokne ka nai
(I) Mahiwaal's uncle,
(More) Farhad's paternal uncle ..
I'm not at Romeo
I am a true lover, I hit / no hit ..

Tere doggy ko mujhpe bhaunkne ka nai
Tu mere agal bagal hai
Main tere agal bagal hoon

Ghar se nikalne ka time tu bataa
taaki rahoon main mod pe khadaa
Rehta hoon main aajkal busy
Wait karnaa hai mushkil badaa

I leave you at your home (daily) to inform
I can stand up for you in return because
I'm so busy these days
(A) wait (for you) is hard for me.

Main road Romeo, Dil jod Romeo
Raste mein mujh ko chhodne ka nai
Chahe dil tod sar fodne ka nai
I have a street Romeo, which gives a heart, I am
Do not leave me in the way.
If you want to, but my head does not break my heart break.

Tere doggy ko mujhpe bhaukne ka nahi
Tu mere..

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