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Tere Mohalle - Besharam Lyrics English Translation

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 Artist : Mika SinghSonu NigamDaler MehndiAbhijeet SawantShreya GhoshalIshq BectorSujeet Shetty,SujeethaMamta SharmaAishwaryaShree DRanbir 
Album : Besharam
Tracks : 13
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Reliance Entertainment
Category : Hindi Movies

Hum Lut Gaye Aake Tere Mohalle - Besharam - Lyrics English Translation 

Khidki se mujhe taakein, saare gali ke baanke..
Sab ko lallu banaa ke, dil phenkaa tujh par..
Hum lut gaye ainvayi aake tere mohalle..

All of the street boy, staring out the window
I fooled them all and you threw at heart ..
I'm just coming to their street, was robbed for no reason ..

 Kyoon lambi lambi haanke, koi na tujhe taake..
Kisko lallu banaa ke kehti rehti hai phir..
Ke lut ke ainvayi aake tere mohalle..

Why do you lie like this, no one stares at you, do not brag
Who asked you to make a fool -
That you came and robbed in my neighborhood ..

Hum lut gaye baby aake tere mohalle..
Hum lut gaye zaalim aa ke tere mohalle..

Hey kids, we are coming to your neighborhood, robbed ..
O cruel, we are coming to your neighborhood, robbed ..

Hum Sikandar hain, apni marzi ke..
Chutki lage hume yeh dil phansaane mein..

I am the king of my desires [ie, as I always do]
It takes me a moment to trap the heart ..

Mere jalwe mein, beta wo dum hai..
Nikle saari umar mujhe pataane mein..

My style, my son, that power, there is
With me to a hook that takes the lives of all ..

Kara lo ji kara lo, dil ki FD kara lo..
Angoootha bhi lagwa lo, dil phenka tujh per..

Go get your heart fixed deposit ..
Even I have thrown at you my heart, my fingerprints ..

Hum lut gaye ainvayi aake ke tere mohalle..

Hum lut gaye jaanaa aake tere mohalle..
Hum lut gaye beauty aake tere mohalle..

Dear God, we are coming to your neighborhood, robbed ..
O beauty, we are coming to your neighborhood, robbed ..

Badi muh-fat hai, ye jawaani bhi..
Darti nahi yeh to bhid jaane se..

This young too, is very overrated
It just is not afraid of getting into a fight ..

Ho chal kat le tu, kitna phenke hai..
Zara bhi dam nahi hai tere drame mein..

Just get away from here, so you brag
There is no power in the drama [ie it is poor]

Badha lo ji badha lo, relation-wa badha lo..
Naino ke pench lada lo, aa jaao na chhat par..

, To develop this relationship further developed, yes, development
Play games with our eyes, come to ceiling ..

Deewane hain dilon ko hum to jodenge..
Na ghar ka tumhe ghaat ka naa chhodenge..

 I'm a crazy lover, I'll connect from the heart ..
I would totally destroy you ..

Kyoon baaz na aati hai kheencha-taani hai..
Haan hum popular hain apni manmaani se..

Why don't you ever stop this haggling,
I am popular for my wilfulness..

Hum lut gaye lut gaye..
Jaana hum lut gaye..
Hum lut gaye lut gaye..
Ainvayi hum lut gaye..
Hum lut gaye lut gaye..
Baby hum lut gaye..
Hum lut gaye lut gaye..
Zaalima lut gaye..

We are robbed, we are robbed ..
O life, we are robbed ..
We are robbed, we are robbed ..
For no reason, we are robbed ..
We are robbed, we are robbed ..
Baby, we're robbing ..
We are robbed, we are robbed ..
O cruel one, we are robbed ..

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