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Tohe Piya Milenge Raanjhanaa - Lyrics English Translation

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Artist : Javed Ali 
Album : Tum Tak (Raanjhanaa)
Tracks : 1
Rating : 8.9649
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Tohe Piya Milenge - Raanjhanaa - Lyrics English Translation 

Jis ko dhoondhe baahar baahar
Wo baithaa hai bheetar chhup ke
Tere andar ek samandar kyoon dhoondhe dubke dubke..

You find out that a
The Hidden, (you) sitting in. ..
Is an ocean inside of you, why are you searching here and there ..

Akal ke parde peechhe kar de
Ghoonghat ke pat khol de
Orey piyaa, piyaa
Tohe piyaa milenge, milenge
Tohe piyaa milenge, milenge..

Move the curtains of mind behind,
and open the veil..
You'll find your beloved..
You'll find your beloved...

Paa ke khona, kho ke paana
Hota aaya re
Sang saathi saa hai wo to
Wo hai saayaa re

To lose after finding, and to find after losing,
it has been happening (for long)..
He is with (you) like a companion,
He's a shadow..

Dagaa tune kee naa
Bas jee se jee mere
Bone seene mein wo tere dheeme dheeme re

You haven't cheated anyone,
Just live from my heart..
I have to sow Him in your heart slowly...

Jo hai dekhaa, wo hi dekha to kyaa dekhaa hai
Dekho wo jo auron ne naa kabhee dekhaa hai
Nainon se naa aisa kuchh dekhaa jaata hai
Nainaa meecho to wo sab dikh jaataa hai
Tohe piya milenge..

You've noticed that you've seen if you (in your eyes) is seen
See what no one else has ever seen ..
Such things are not seen with the eyes ..
You close your eyes, then everything can be seen ..
You will get your lover ..

Usi ko paana, usee ko chhoona, kaheen pe wo naa, kaheen pe tu naa
Usi ko paana, usee ko chhoona, kaheen pe wo na, kaheen pe tu naa
Jahaan pe wo naa, wahaan pe soonaa, Yahaan pe soonaa..

You know that a
Hidden, (you) sitting in. ..
, Why are you searching here and there inside you're an ocean .....

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