Who are you Lyrics 1 Nenokkadine Lyrics & English Translation

Artist : Javed Ali,Benny DayalSahil RayyanMumzy StrangerAmit Mishra,Natasha WattsPalak MuchhalArijit Singh
Album : 1-Nenokkadine
Tracks : 5
Rating : 6.0891
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Telugu

Who are you Lyrics  - 1- Nenokkadine  -   Lyrics & English Translation 

Ninna nijamai tharumuthunte
Nedu gathamai nilichipothe
Nannu nene aduguthunna
Ninnu kooda adagana??
Tere dil se zara poocho saala Who are you?!!

Yesterday, when the truth seems to be
And today becomes history
I questioned the Web
Committee to ask questions?
Who you really are, ask your heart!

Nuuvante peru kaadhu,ooru kaadhu, Face kaadhu
Nuvvante cash kaadhu, marenti?
Nuvvante Time kaadhu, dream kaadhu, Game kaadhu
Nuvvante nuvvu kaadhu marenti?

You can, in some place, not in the face does not have a name
Any of you, then do not have the cash?
If you do not have the time, the dream, but not the game
If you're not, then what?
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