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Main Teri Yaadon Mein Khoya Lyrics Translation | Sanam Teri Kasam

Movie: Sanam Teri Kasam
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Subrat Sinha
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Eros Music

main teri yaadon mein khoya
main teri yaadon mein uljha

I’m lost in your memories,
I’m entangled in your memories.

teri yaadon ka hai samaa
tere bin main, main na rahaa

your memories are there in the weather,
I’m not myself without you..

shaam-o-seher kaise
lagte zeher jaise
tere bagair aise o...
socha nahin kaise
hoon darbadar jaise
hogi basar aise o..

how these days and nights
feel like poison
without you..
I didn’t think how,
when I am almost homeless,
how would I live..

[shaam-o-seher = evenings and mornings, all the time.
darbadar = someone who’s roaming door to door, without a steady place.]

khamoshiyan hai khata meri
tanhaaiyaan hai sazaa meri
samjha rahi hain ye dooriyan
teri meri nazdeekiyaan

these silences are my mistake
the loneliness is my punishment
these distances are explaining to me
the closeness between you and me..

haan teri yaadon ke gham hain
hai teri yaadon ki khushiyaan

there are sorrows of your memories,
and joys of your memories too..

tere bin jeena kya mera
tere bin main, main na raha

sabko khabar hai ye
meri seher hai tu
kya bekhabar hai tu o..
itni zara si to
haan hai tujhe kehni
kehde nazar se tu o..

everyone knows
that you are my morning.
are you unaware of that..
you have to say
just so little,
just say it with your eyes..

kya itni hai majbooriyan
kyun itni naa manzooriyan
ik mukhtasar si baat hai
phir zindagi bhar ka saath hai

what is such helplessness
that there is not even this little allowance.
it’s a small thing,
and there is the togetherness of all life..

main teri yaadon mein jaaga
main teri yaadon mein soya

tere bin jeena kya mera
tere bin main, main na raha

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