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Sahiba Chal Wahan Jahan Mirza Lyrics Translation | Phillauri

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Movie: Phillauri [meaning]
Music: Shashwat Sachdev
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singer: Romy, Pawani Pandey
Music Label: T-Series

tujhse aisa uljha
dil dhaaga dhaaga khincha..
dargah pe jaise ho chaadaron sa bichhaa
yoon hi roz ye udhaRaa buna
qissa ishq ka kai baar
humne phir se likha...

I got entangled in such a way,
that the heart got drawn thread by thread,
as if it's spread on a shrine like some sheets...
I wrote the story of love many times...

saahiba, sahiba...
chal wahaan jahaan mirza...

O Saahibaan,
come where there is Mirza...

khaali chiTThiyaan thin
tujhe ro ro ke laga bhejin
mohar ishqaan ki
ishqan ki, haaye...
kaagaz ki kashti
mere dil ki thi Duba baiThi
neher ashqan ki... haaye...

there were blank letters,
I cried and sent you
with the seals of love.
there was a paperboat of my heart,
the canal of tears made it drown...

besuri dil ki ye dhun
karta daleelein tu sun
aaina tu, tu hi pehchaane na
jo hoon wo maane na
na ajnabi, tu ban abhi

this out of tone music of the heart,
it makes some case, listen to it,
you are my mirror, and you don't recognize me,
you don't consider me what I am,
no, don't be a stranger now.

hoonk hai dil mein uThi
aalaapon si hai baji
saanson mein tu
maddham se raagon sa
kesar ke dhaagon sa
yoon ghul gaya
main ghum gayaa...

there is a cry of pain in the heart,
like some musical notes
you are there in my heart.
like some noiseless (peaceful) ragas,
like some threads of saffron,
you were dissolved in such a way,
I was lost...

O.. dil pe dhundhla sa
saleTi rang kaisa chaRhaa..

what a hazy grey color
is there on my heart...

tujhse aisa uljha
dil dhaaga dhaaga khincha
dargaah pe jaise
ho chaadron sa bichha
yoonhi roz ye udhaRaa buna
qissa ishq ka kai baar
humne phir se likha...

sahebaan, saheban,
chal wahaan jahaan mirza...

O sahibaan, O sahiban,
hijr ki choT hai laagi re
O sahibaan...
jigar hua hai baaghi re
zid behad hui
raT-ti hai zubaan

O sahibaan,
there is injury of separation (on the heart),
O sahibaan,
the heart has become a rebel,
the obstinacy has gone beyond the limit,
and the tongue chants (your name).

O tere bin..
O tere bin
saans bhi kaanch si, kaanch si
kaaTe, kaaTe re
o tere bina
jindaRi raakh si, raakh si
laage re...

without you,
even my breathe pierces me
like (cut/broken) glass.
and the life seems like ash.

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