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T-Series Mixtape — Kabira Naina Lyrics Translation | Neha Kakkar, Irfan

Series: T-Series Mixtape
Music recreated by: Abhijit Vaghani (Original songs by Pritam and Amaal Malik)
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Kumaar
Singers: Neha Kakkar, Mohd Irfan
Label: T-Series

So after Vidya Vox makes a mashup of Kabira with the Chainsmokers' Closer, there is T-Series creating a mixtape of Kabira with another of their beautiful songs, Naina from Khoobsurat. So here is one you'd like to listen to.
TooTi chaarpaai wohi
ThanDi purvaai rasta dekhe
doodhon ki malaai wohi
miTTi ki suraahi rasta dekhe...

That broken cot,
that cool breeze from the east, awaits you..
That milk cream
and the earthen pot of cold water await you..

[Suraahee is an earthen pot with a long neck and keeps water cool.]

kaisi teri khudgarzi
na dhoop chune na chhaanv
kaisi teri khudgarzi
kisi Thaur Tike na paanv

How's this selfishness of yours,
that you don't take the sun, nor take the shade..
How's this selfishness of yours,
that your feet don't stay anywhere..

ban liya apna paigambar
tar liya tu saat samandar
phir bhi sookha mann ke andar
kyun reh gaya...

You've tried being your own god,
and crossed all seven seas,
Still, there is a draught within your heart,
Why is it so..

mann mann ki sunta jaaye
sunta nahin mann waalon ki
mann hi mann mein banaaye
duniya ye ek khayaalon ki...

The heart listens to just heart,
doesn't listen to the those who have the heart.
And makes a world of thoughts
within the heart only..

paas koi aave, door koi jaave
hota hai kyun ye, koi samjhaave

Someone comes close, and someone goes far,
Someone explain to me why it happens.

ae mann karda ae Thagi Thoriyaan
ae mann karda ae seena-zoriyaan
aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyaan
ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyaan

This heart does robbery (on oneself)
This heart does its own wish..
It has taught the stealing of heart,
That's the weakness of this heart..

naina nu pata hai
naina di khataa hai
saanu kis gal di phir
mildi sazaa hai

The eyes know,
that it's the eyes' mistake,
For what thing do
we get the punishment..

neend uR jaave, chain chhaD jaave
ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave

Sleep goes and peace leaves,
when the craze of love catches you.

mast maula, mast kalandar
tu hawaa ka ek bavanDar
bujh ke yoon andar hi andar
kyun reh gaya...

O happy-as-you-go person, O unworldly happy one,
you are a windstorm,
why have you extinguished within your self?

re kabira maan jaa
re faqeera maan jaa
aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyaan
re kabira maan ja
re faqeera maan ja
kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiyaa...

O Kabira, listen to me..
O saint, believe me..
Come, your shadows call you [back]..
O Kabira, listen to me..
O saintly one, believe me..
What a loveless and ruthless person you are..

[Nirmohi is someone who doesn't have any love nor hatred, for anyone or anything. Someone who is neutral to the world and its happenings.]

re kabira, re kabira
re faqeera, re faqeera
re kabira, re kabira
re kabira, re kabira

sang tere hai savera
re faqeera, re faqeera

with you, it's (always) a morning,
O saint, O saint...

sang tere hai savera
re kabira, re kabira
re kabira, re kabira
re faqeera, re faqeera

kabira maan jaa
faqeera maan jaa

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