Aetbaar - No One Killed Jessica - Lyrics & Translation

Artist : VariousMeenal JainVishal DadlaniShilpa RaoJoi BaruaAditi Singh SharmaRaman MahadevanShriram Iyer,Robert Bob OmuloAmitabh BhattacharyaTochi Raina,Mame Khan 
Album : No One Killed Jessica
Tracks : 6
Rating : 9.8047
Released : 2010
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Aetbaar - No One Killed Jessica - Lyrics &  Translation

zaar zaar hua aetbaar
tukde hazar hua aetbaar
hua sharmsaar khud se hi haar kar ke
kyun taar taar hua aetbaar
jhootha khumar hua aetbaar
seene mein yaar chubhta gubaar banke

Faith, cried / wept
Faith got a thousand pieces,
For myself, losing was ashamed
Faith torn, why,
False belief became intoxicated;
The dust storm is becoming the heart pierces ..

dil aetbaar karke ro raha hai aetbaar aetbaar aetbaar aetbaar
aetbaar karke, ro raha hai aetbaar karke

Heart, faith, faith, faith is crying
After the trust is crying ..

dar ka shikar hua aetbaar
dil mein daraar hua aetbaar
kare cheetkaar baahen pasaar karke
nashtar ki dhaar hua aetbaar
pasli ke paar hua aetbaar
choosay hai khoon bada khoonkhar banke..

Faith has become a victim of fear,
Faith became a crack in the heart,
Open hand with stress (laments) cries
Trust the knife edge,
Confidence in the ribs pierced,
Becoming life-threatening blood that it sucks ..

jhulsi hui is rooh ke
chithde pade bikhre hue
udhdi hui ummeed
raunde jinhe kadmo tale
badi beraham raftaar hai
bejaan si is bheed ke
jal bhun ke raakh hua aetbaar
ganda mazaak hua aetbaar
chidhta hai, kudhta hai, sadta hai raaton mein
halli sa chaakh* hua aetbaar
raste ki khaak hua aetbaar
galta, pighalta hai, khalta hai raaton mein

The burning of the soul,
Tatters, are scattered here
Stripped of hope,
That is trampled under the feet
(At) yahoo speed
The lifeless crowd ..
Faith, burned and the ashes were fried
Faith became an ugly joke,
This Vexes, the frets, it rots in nights
Became convinced of road dust,
The Damned nights, melts, thaws ..

kyoon phir zaar zaar hua aetbaar
tukde hazar hua aetbaar
hua sharmsaar khud se hi haar kar ke

So why faith cries,
Got a thousand pieces,
Losing myself, ashamed ...

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