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Arziyaan saari main - Delhi 6: Lyrics & Translation

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Artist : Rekha Bhardwaj, A R Rahman, Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal, Ghulam Ali Khan, Srinivas, Amitabh Bachchan, Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali, Shraddha Pandit, Claire, Tanvi, Karthik, Ash King, Backing Chinmayee
Album : Delhi 6
Tracks : 10
Rating : 7.9993
Released : 2009
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

Arziyaan saari main - Delhi 6: Lyrics & Translation 

arziyaan saari main, chehre pe likh ke laaya hoon
tumse kya maangu main, tum khud hi samjah lo...
ya maula..., maula maula maula mere maula
dararein dararein hain maathe pe maula
marammat mukaddar ki kar do maula, mere maula..
tere dar pe jhuka hoon mita hoon bana hoon
marammat mukdar ki kar do maula..

all the requests, are written on my face
what can i ask from you, you yourself can understand
o lord... my lord
wrinkles, and wrinkles are there on my forehead, o lord
mend my fate o lord, my lord
am bowing at your doorstep, have fallen, and recovered
mend my fate o lord, my lord..

jo bhi tere dar aaya, juhkne jo sar aaya
mastiyan piye sabko, jhoomta nazar aaya
pyaas le ke aaya tha, dariya woh bhar laaya
noor ki barish mein beeghta sa tar aaya

whoever came to your door, whatever head came to bow to you
looked to everyone like drunk, was seen dancing intoxicated
he had come thirsty, and got a river full
in the beam of (divine) light, he was bathed (and thus), got across (his problems).. 

noor ki barish mein..
noor ki barish mein, beeghta sa tar aaya
maula maula maula mere maula..
dararein dararein maathe pe maula
maramat mukdar ki kar do maula, mere maula..

o ek khushboo aati thi
mein bhatakta jata tha,
reshmi si maya thi
aur main takta jata tha

a fragrance used to come
and i kept getting lost
there was a silky mirage
and i would kept looking at it..

jab teri gali aaya, sach tabhi nazar aaya
mujhe mein hi woh khushboo thi, jisse tune milwaya

when I reached your street, then only I saw the reality
i only possessed the fragrance, that you made me find..

toot ke bikharna mujhko zaroor aata hai
par na ibaadat wala shaoor aata hai
sajde mein rehne do, ab kahin na jaunga
ab jo tumne thukraya to sanwar na paunga

scattering into pieces, i very well know
but I don't know the ettiquette of praying 
let me stay be bowed in prayer, i will not go anywhere now
now if you reject me, then i will not be able to recover

sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishen ki thi
kitne khwaab dekhe the kitni koshishen ki thi
jab tu rubaru aaya...
jab tu rubaru aaya nazarein na mila paya
sar jhuka ke ek pal mein...
sar jhuka ke ek pal mein mene kya nahi paya

with my head held high i had asked for so many things
had seen so many dreams, had tried so hard..
(but) when you appeared in front me,
with your presence, i could not meet your eyes
bowing my head, in a moment..
bowing my head, in a moment what did i not achieve..

mora piya ghar aaya, mora piya ghar aaya
my beloved has come home

maula maula maula mere maula

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