Bin Tere (Unplugged) Lyrics, Meaning

Shekhar Ravjiani's Unplugged version of Bin tere from IHLS (I Hate Love Stories) is one of my most favorite songs. Here are the lyrics and English Translation of the guitar based song.

teri nigaahon ke teri hi raahon ke
kareeb se gayi zindagi
tujhe kyun dekha na tujhe kyun jaana na
shikaayatein karun ya nahi
thami hain yeh saansein, bhari hain yeh aankhein
sahoon kaise ab yeh faasla
bin tere bin tere bin tere,
koi khalish hai hawaon mein bin tere

Only to close their paths, to close your eyes
Life, passed through
Why, why did I not know, you did not see
I should not complain?
These are paused breathing, despite these eyes are
Now, how to cope with this difference,
Without you, without you, without you,
Without a vacuum in the winds ..

kuchh bacha hi nahi darmiyaan
saans leti hai ab yeh dooriyan
dil nahi jaante raahon mein
haath se haath chhoote the kahaan
kyun nazar ke kinaare toote hain khwaab saare tu bata
soona soona samaa hai khaali khaali jahaan hai ab mera
bin tere bin tere bin tere..
koi khalish hai hawaon mein bin tere..

(Us) remained in the middle of absolutely nothing
(Only) the distance, now breathe
Heart, paths do not know,
Hand left hand, where
At the edges of the eyes, broken dreams, why, tell me
It is deserted around me, my world is empty now
Without you, without you, without you,
You have an emptiness without winds ...
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