Jeene ke Ishare Lyrics & English Translation

Phir Milenge's Jeene ke Ishare mil gaye is one of my most favorite songs ever. Actually I love the entire album a lot. Now that I saw a request to translate the song on my blog, I decided to go ahead with the song, but I wondered if such a beautiful song had not been translated as yet.

To my surprise, I found a really beautiful translation with a good language and very few mistakes/required changes put up on Bollywhat forum by Meredith, probably the owner of the website. Here is the translation with a few (or maybe more) changes that I felt were needed. Hope you enjoy the song even more now.

Kuch Khushbuyen
Yaadon Ke Jungal Se Beh Chali
Kuch Khidkiyan
Lamhon Ke Dastak Pe Khul Gayi
Kuch Geet Purane Rakhe The Sirhane
Kuch Sur Kahin Khoye the Bandish mil gayi
Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye
Bichhde The Kinare Mil Gaye

Some Happiness
Memories drifted out of the woods
Some windows
Moments from the past (on the door of my memory) opened at knock
Some old songs (where u put ur pillow is sirhana) was placed next to my bed
Some tunes were lost compositions (for them) found
(New) showed signs of life
Different banks have joined together

Meri Zindagi Main Teri Baarish Kya Hui
Mere Raaste Dariya Bane Behne Lage
Meri Karvaton Ko Tune Aake Kya Chhua
Kai Khwab Neendon Ki Gali Rehne Lage

You do a rain fell in my life;
My street has become a river began to flow
You came and I was tossing and turning, I soothed;
And my dream sleep range (len) began to stay within

Meri Lau Hawaon Se Jhagadkar Jee Uthi
Mere Har Andhere Ko Ujale Pee Gaye
Tune Hasken Mujhse Muskurane Ko Kaha
Mere Man Ke Mausam Gulmohar Se Ho Gaye

The flame of my soul, the winds fought and lived again
Drank up all my dark light
You laughed and asked me to smile as
Seasons of my heart Gulmohar (Royal Poinciana / Flamboyant tree) became like

Kuch Khushbuyen, Saanso Se Saanso Me Ghul Gayi
Kuch Khidikyan, Aankhon Hi Aankhon Me Khul Gayi
Kuch Pyaas Adhuri
Kuch Shyam Sindhoori
Kuch Reshmi Gunahon
Main Ratein Dhal Gayin..

Some frangrances, breath by breath dissolved
Some windows were opened between the eyes (open a window here means something new was found)
A unsated thirst
A red color evening
In some silky sins -
We passed the evening ...
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