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Jisne Mere Sapne Mehkaye Lyrics In English Translation

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Artist : Sonu Nigam
Album : Jaan
Tracks : 8
Rating : 9.5522
Released : Unknown
Label : T Series
Category : Pop


Jisne Mere Sapne Mehkaye Lyrics In English Translation

Jisne mere sapne mehkaye
Mujhse milke woh kyun sharmaye
Jaane uske dil mein kya kya ho
Usko sochoon to kuch ho jaaye
Na jaane ab kya kare yeh dil ki lagi
Mushkil mein aane lagi hai yeh zindagi
Yeh zindagi

My Dreams (smells), which is flavored with,
Why does he feel ashamed to meet me ..
I do not know what is in his heart there
I think about it, some (for me) is ..
I sincerely do not know what love is
This life, now the problem is coming
I crave ..

Jisne mere sapne mehkaye..

Yeh dil to ab hai uska
Yeh jaan ab hai uski
Woh arzoo jeene ki
Mujhe talab hai uski
Kahe mera dil
Uska khayal
Mujhe raat din sataye

This heart is hers now,
this life is hers..
She's the wish to live,
I crave for her..
My heart says that
her thought
troubles me day and night now..

Jisne mere sapne mehkaye..

Nazar nazar se milkar
Bana hai yeh afsana
Main jis tarah jalta hoon
Jalega kya parwaana
Mera haal-e-dil jaane na woh
Koi to use bataye

By many sightings of her,
this story is made,
the way I burn (in the heart),
what would a moth burn..
She doesn't know the condition of my heart
at least someone tell her..
Jisne mere sapne mehkaye..

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