Mazo Saiba Meaning

Mazo Saiba.. These two words from the song of the same name in Guzaarish are quite a confusion for me. When I heard the words first, I took them to mean 'my beloved' thinking of mazo as mine and saiba as a name for a beloved.

But when I seriously started searching for the meaning, I did not get much positive results. Not yet at least. While I feel that Saiba is probably a version of Sahiba only, and means a fresh breeze or a respected girl, both of which later reached a position where sahiba could be used for a loved one, I am not getting which language can Mazo be.

Also, Saiba can be 'to know' in Portugese, which I think is the language in which Francois Castellino has sung the beginning parts. That way, it may be 'I know' or something like that.

Help and support is most welcome. :)
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