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Tu Bichdan Kendi Hai - Son Of sardar - Lyrics & English Translation

Artist : Mika Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Honey Singh, Vikas Bhalla, Vineet Singh, Ajay Devgan, Bhavana Pandit, Mamta Sharma, Aman Trikha
Album : Son Of Sardar
Tracks : 11
Rating : 8.2564
Released : 2012
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Tu Bichdan Kendi Hai  - Son Of sardar - Lyrics  & English Translation

Bichhad ke tujhse ab mujhe marna hai
Yeh tajurba isi zindagi mein karna hai

I have to die now, getting separated from you,
this experience I have to take in this life time only..

Tu bichdann, bichhdan kehndi hai
Bichde toh jee naa paayenge
Door jaane se bhi na chain payenge
Jitna bhulayenge, yaad aayenge
Tu bichdann..

Har dua mein, tu hi shaamil
Chaahe tanha, meri mehfil
Ranj-o-gham hai, aalam nam hai
Hoon main zinda
Yeh kya kam hai
Tu bichdan bichdann, kehndi hai
Bichde toh jee na paayenge

Atum, there are in every prayer
My parties are empty, even empty ..
Sadness, anger Ann's eyes are wet,
I'm still alive, it is not a trivial matter
O dear,
You, we need to be separated
I am not able to stay so we split
(Khuda kare zindagi mein yeh makaam aaye
Tujhe bhoolne ki dua karoon
Aur dua mein tera naam aaye)

May there be a point in my life,
when I pray to forget you,
and your name be there in the prayer..

Hongi aankhen, band ya khuli
Na chhupegi, yeh deewangi
Tera chehra dikh jaayega
Jaata lamha ruk jaayega
Tu bichdan bichhdan, kendi hai

whether eyes are closed or open,
this love can't be hidden..
When I see your face once,
the passing moment will stop..
O beloved,
you say to get separated..

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