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Ik Daur Tha, Man Mor Tha - Google Reunion - Lyrics & Video &English Translation

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bachpane ki tang gali phir se koode phaande
chhoti chhoti meethi chori gaanth leke baandhe
ik patang sa udta tha parindon ki tarah
ek daur tha.. man man mor tha..

Narrow street of my childhood, is jumping once again
The relations (and remains) a sweet little bundle theft (childhood) ..
It's like birds (free), used to fly like a kite
Heart like a peacock was a time when there was ..

kaagazon ki kashtiyon mein dooba rehta tha
jhaankti khidkiyon mein uljha rehta tha
wo bhi kya daur tha man pe na jor tha
ek daur tha, man man mor tha..

It used to be immersed in paper boats
Peeping used to be busy with windows,
Ah, it was a time, there was no restriction on the heart ..
Heart like a peacock was a time when there was ..

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