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Bhaag DK Bose - Lyrics & Translation

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Artist : Chetan ShashitalSuraj JaganSona Mohapatra,KeerthiShazneenTarannum MalikKeerthi Sagathia,Ram Sampath 
Album : Delhi Belly
Tracks : 10
Rating : 8.3750
Released : 2011
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies


Bhaag DK Bose - Lyrics & Translation

Daddy mujhse bola, Tu galti hai meri
Tujhpe Zindgani guilty hai meri
Saabun ki Shakal mein, beta tu toh nikla keval jhaag, jhaag jhaag...
Bhaag bhaag...
Bhaag bhaag...

Daddy "You are my fault," he said to me,
My life, (that) you are guilty of
The name of the soap, you just turned froth
Run Run ...
Run Run ...

Oh by god lag gayi
Kya se kya hua
Dekha toh katora
Jhaanka toh kuaan

Piddi jaissa choohaa
Dum pakda toh nikla kala naag
Naag naag naag,
Bhaag bhaag DK bose, DK bose, D K bose
bhaag bhaag DK "Bose dk" bhaag..

Oh God, I was damned;
I (so well so bad) What happened to
Looked like a bowl,
Well to me, peeked into the ..
A little mouse,
Tail caught out when a black snake
Snake ...
Run Run DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose
Run Run Run DK Bose DK ..

Aandhi aayi aandhi aayi aandhi aayi..
Bhaag bhaag DK bose, D K bose, D K bose
Bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK bose
Aandhi Aayi hai...

The storm is coming storm before the storm
Run Run DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose
Run Run Run DK Bose DK ..
The storm has arrived ..

Hum toh hai kabootar, Do pahiye ka ek scooter Zindagi
Jo Dhakelo toh Chale
Arre kismat ki hai kadki, Roti Kapda aur Ladki teeno hi
Paapad belo toh miley..
Yeh bheja garden hai, aur tension maali hai.. yeah..
Mann ka taanpoora, frustration me chhede ek hi Raag.. Raag Raag..

We're pigeons, life's a scooter with two wheels,
if you push, it moves (forward),
our luck is bad, food, cloth and girl all three (basic needs)
are achieved only when we work very hard
this mind is garden, and tension is the gardener,
the tanpoora (musical instrument) of heart, plays just one raaga in frustration,
run run ....

Bhaag bhaag DK bose, DK bose, D K bose
bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK bhaag..
Hey Aandhi Aayi Hai Aandhi Aayi Hai
Aandhi Aayi Hai...

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