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Bhool Jaana - Jagjit Singh : Lyrics & Translation

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Bhool Jana, version 2, 
Movie: Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu.
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Composer: Vasuda Sharma

Bhool Jaana - Jagjit Singh : Lyrics & Translation 

bhool jaana use bhula dena,
yaad tak uski dafna dena...

Forget it, forget it
Even bury her memories ..

is pal ka koi gaaon nahi,
is dhoop ki chhanv nahi..
yoonhi chalte jaana hai,
manzil ka naam-o-nishaan bhi nahi..

The moment there is no village
There is no shadow of the sun
Like that is just a short walk,
There is no indication of a destination ..

deewar pe seelan rehne do,
pairon tale kaai jamne do,
mehmaan hai gham to dil mein basa,
galiyon se arthi uthne do..

Let the moisture on the walls
There is dirt under the feet;
Grief is a guest, keep the heart
Let's coffin from the street ..

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