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D-Day Movie - Alvida Song Lyrics English Translation

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Artist : Mika SinghSukhwinder SinghRekha BhardwajGaurav,Javed AliRahul RamShruti Hassan,Mani MahadevanNikhil DSouza,SiddharthMunawar Masoon 
Album : D Day
Tracks : 5
Rating : 5.0625
Released : 2013
Label : T Series
Category : Hindi Movies

D-Day Movie - Alvida D-Day -  Lyrics English  Translation 

Tanhaa dil ye tujh bin tadpe
Aankh gham se royee
Tu kya khoyaa bichhde saathi
Duniya jaise khoyee

Bheege naina ye mere
Dekhein ab kya bin tere 

Lonely heart, you agonizes
Eyes cried with sadness ..
As you have lost, hey, have lost a colleague
The world was lost, seemed ..

What do my wet eyes see without you..

Yaadon mein din jaage rehte
Raat bhi naa soyee
Saansein bhi chalti tham tham ke
Ho judaa jab koi

Day, memories awake
Did not sleep at night ..
Even breathing, stop and start
No one goes away ..

Tu kya chhootaa, khwaab roothaa
Tootee tukdon mein ye jaan
O deewaane tu kyaa jaane
Dil hai kyun ye pareshaan

You were lost, got upset when my dream
My life was broken into pieces ..
You crazy you do not know
Why bother the heart ..

Sochaa naa thaa ye bhi hogaa
Ghum hi jaayenge armaan
Kya khabar thi ye khushee bhee
Pal do pal ki hai mehmaan

I did not think it would
That dream will be lost ..
Who knew that happiness
Was only for a short time ..

Bheege naina ye mere
Dekhein ab kya bin tere 

Kaise bhoolein teri baatein
Kaise keh dein alvidaa
Har jagah hai aks teraa
Aisa tujh se hai rishtaa

How can I forget your stories
How do I say goodbye
His image is everywhere, there is
That's how my relationship with you ..

Tu kaheen ho har kadam pe
Hamsafar tu hai yaara
Aaj bhi ye lag raha hai
Tu hai saaya hamaaraa

At every step you will be nowhere
You companion, my darling ..
Even today I feel so
You are my shadow ..

Bheege naina ye mere
Dekhein ab kya bin tere

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