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Dil Kagazi Mera - Gippi English Lyrics Translation

Artist : Sukhwinder SinghVishal Dadlani,Niti MohanShekhar Ravjiani 
Album : Gippi
Tracks : 5
Rating : 9.3379
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

Dil Kagazi Mera - Gippi - English  Lyrics Translation 

Halkay say yoon beh rahaa
reshaa ho jaise ruyi kaa
Udtaa hai dekho kaheen aasmaan pe
dil kaagazee mera
Mutthi mein bhar bhar kay cheeni kay daanay
Jaise hawaa mein ghulay
Taaron se khainche hai roshan sitare,
raahon mein meri chale
Halke say yoon beh rahaa..

It's flowing slowly,
as if a strand of soft cotton,
see, it flies somewhere on the sky ..
[it's Generally Aasmaan mein - in the sky, but here it's deliberately made ​​'on', in a poetic way]
my paper-like heart ..
filling the fists with grains of sugar,
It Seems to dissolve in the air,
It picks and draws the brightest from Among the Stars,
Which walk on my path ..
It's flowing, slowly ..

Kholee chandaa ne chhatari
pedon ke peechhe kaheen
Hum-tum chhupke se jaa ke
baithenge neechay waheen
Chal phoonko se dhoop udaa kay
Hum thodaa saa din churaa ke
Aadha tu, aadha main tai kar ke rakh lein
Hissaa ho jaise khushee kaa

The moon opened an umbrella,
somwhere behind the trees..
You and me will go
and sit there only, in hiding..
Come, let's blow the sunshine away,
let's steal the day a little,
and share it - half for you and half for me..
As if it's out share of happiness..

Halke se yoon beh rahaa reshaa ho jaisay rooyi ka
Udtaa hai dekho kaheen aasmaan pe dil kaagzi mera..
Dil kaagazi mera.

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