Grand Masti - Title Song Lyrics EnglishTranslation

Artist : Various 
Album : Grand Masti
Tracks : 1
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2013
Label : Unknown
Category : Hindi Movies

I got a rocket in my pocket
Oh baby come and launch it
So we can fly away now
Get in a room and lock it

Pyaar ka signal de de baby
Raat ka baj gaayi baaraah
It’s time it’s time

Give me a sign of love child
Watch it at night 12'o
It (baby talk to us) is that it is time

Engine dil ka dhadak raha hai
High ho gaya para
You feel it you feel it

My heart is the engine running
Mercury is highly increased
You feel it, you feel it.
Chumma tere gaalon ka
Favourite hai dil waalon ka
So let’s do it baby
Do grand masti
Grand masti grand masti 

Kiss your cheeks
, Is the favorite of lovers
So let's do it baby
Grand grand fun fun

Let’s do it let’s do it 1-2-3-4

Bade bade bade achchhe lagte hain
Tewar ye tere tujh pe janchte hain
Hila hila hila ke rakh diya hum ko
Awesome tere Latke jhatke hain
Thumka Tera laakhon ka
AC hai in raaton ka

They just look awesome
You fit in well with their tantrums
You have shaken me completely
These shocks are amazing yours.
Million worth your dance steps,
On nights like an ac ..

So let’s do it baby
Grand masti...!!!

Utha utha utha ke le jaaoonga
Aur apne dil mein bithaaoonga
Ghuma ghuma ke steering tere jalwon ka
Haule Haule haule horn bajaaoonga
Naa to speed breaker hoN
Full on accelerator doon..

I will pick up and take off
And you sit in my heart
Turning the steering his charisma,
I would slowly press the horn ..
, There are no speed breakers
And I'll accelerator.

Let’s do it now
Grand masti grand masti!!

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