Bibi Sanam Jaanam Anar e Sistanam Meaning | Cabaret

Bibi Sanam Jaanam, Anaar-e-Sistaanam (or Anar-i-Sistanam) is an Afghan folk song that became very popular after Zeb and Haniya performed it on Coke Studio (Pakistan).

Now the film Cabaret has gotten a version of the song, where the lines 'Bibi Sanam Jaanam, Anaar-e-Sistaanam' are there as in the original folk song, though the latter lines are different. The words 'Bibi Sanam Jaanam' simply mean Dear, beloved lady, and 'anaar-i-sistaanam' means a pomegranate of Sistan, which is a place in Iran, where the pomegranates are supposed to be very sweet. So the entire line basically means 'Dear, beloved lady, sweet like the pomegranate of Sistan.'
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