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Hawayein Lyrics Translation | English Meaning
Song  : Hawayein
Movie : Jab Harry Meet Sejal
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music : Pritam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Year  : 2017
Label : Sony Music
--English Translation--

Chehra.. Kyun milta Tera
Why does Your face..
Yu khwabon se mere..
Resembles my dream..
Ye kya Raaz hai??
What's secret behind it??

Kal bhi.. Meri na thi Tu
Yesterday also.. You weren't mine..
Naa hogi Tu Kal
Nor you'll be mine tomorrow..
Meri aaj hai
But You're mine today!!

Teri hai meri,
All of mine..
Saari Wafayein wafayein
Devotion.. Is just to you..
Maangi hai tere liye
I've asked for you..
Duaayein duaayein
Blessings from God..
Le jaaye tujhe kahaan..
Where will they take you..
Hawayein, Hawayein
These winds...
Le jaaye mujhe kahaan..
Where will they take me..
Hawayein, Hawayein
These winds...

Tujhko.. Main rakh loon wahaan
Let me keep you over there..
Jahaan pe kahin
Hai mera yaqeen
There is my trust..

Main jo.. tera na huaa..
If I.. don't become yours..
Kisi ka nahi.. Kisi ka nahi..
I won't be with anyone else..

Le jaayein jaane kahaan Hawayein, Hawayein..
Where will these winds take..
Le jaayein Tujhe kahaan, Hawayein Hawayein..
Where will they take you..
Begaani hai yeh baaghi, Hawayein Hawayein..
These winds are unknow and rebellious..
Le jaaye mujhe kaha.. Hawayein, hawayein..
Where will they take me..
Le jaayein jaane kahaan,
Where will they take..
Na Mujhko Khabar..
Neither I have any clue..
Naa Tujhko pata..
Nor would you know..

Banaati hai jo tu..
The memories you make..
Woh yaadein jaane sang mere kab tak chale
I don't know for how long they'd be with me..
Inhi mein to meri..
Along with them..
Subah bhi dhalein
My morning passes..
Shamein dhalein
My evening passes..
Mausam dhalein..
Weather passes..

Khayalon ka shehar..
City of my thoughts..
Tu jaane tere hone se hi aabaad hai
You know that it exist only because of your presence..
Hawayein haq mein..
Those winds are in my favor..
Wohi hai aate jaate jo tera naam le
Which chant your name all the time..

Deti hain jo sadayein.. Hawayein, hawayein..
The winds are calling us..
Na jaane kya batayein.. Hawayein, hawayein..
I don't know what they are saying..
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