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 Aalaporan Thamizhan in english with translation is the first single from Mersal movie released on 10th August 2017, this Aalaporan Thamizhan lyrics is penned by Vivek, music composed by A.R Rahman and sung by Kailash Kher, Sathya Prakash, Deepak, Pooja AV.

Aalaporan Thamizhan Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Mersal


Movie: Mersal 
Song: Aalaporan Lyrics 
Lyrics : Vivek 
Singers : Kailash Kher, Sathya Prakash, Deepak, Pooja AV 
Director : Atlee

Aalaporan Thamizhan Lyrics in English | With Translation | – Mersal

Oorukannu uravukannu
Unna mochu pakum ninnu
Chinnamaga rasan varan
Meesa muruku..hoi…

All the eyes surrounding,
will stare at you with pride,
Our Prince has arrived,
twirl your mustache, (Sense of Pride)

Enga mannu thanga mannuuu
Unna vaikum singamunnuuu

Our land is the land of gold ( because of producing grains)
And you will be the Lion of this place.

Muthumani rathinatha
Pethedutha ranjidham
Oorukulla vazhathandu
Ammanukum samatham

You, the great, have given a pearl (kid) to our place
The goddess will shower her blessings for our long live

Entha edam vali kandalum
Kannu dhane kalangum
Kannupola engalukku
Kaavalaa ne varanum

Wherever dispute occurs
our eyes are filled with tears
You are destined to protect us,
just like the eyes gloom with tears irrespective of the pain.


Aalaporaan tamizhan ulagam ellamae
Vetrimaga vazhi than inimae ellamae
Veeranna yaarunu indha naatukae avan sonnanae
Vaayilla maatukum ada needhiya avan thanthanae…

The universe will be ruled by a Thamizhan, (tamil people)
His good path will be an inspiration to others,
The one who preached Bravery to this country,
The one who gave justice to cow. ( With reference to Manuneedhi cholan)

Solli solli
Saritheerathil per porippan
Nenjil alli
Kaathil namma theaen
Thamizh thelippan

His words will be marked in History,
And, he will spread this language of love (Tamil) across the globe.

Innum … Ulagam ezha
Thanga ….Thamizha paada
Pacha thamizh uchchi pugazh
Yeri sirukkum

As long as this world exists,
The language (tamil) will reach to its highest grace.

Vaarayo vaarai neee
Anbaavandha olikoduppom
Vaarayo vaarai neee
Vambaavantha Sulukeduppom

We welcome you will our whole heart,
When you come as our friend,
When you come with enmity,
your bones will be broken.

Thamizhan da ennalum
Sonnalae thimirerum…Kaathoda kalanthalum
Athu thaan un adayalam

Always proud being a thamizhan,
This identity exists, even after one’s death,


Hey anbakotti
Enga mozhi
Adithalam pottom
Magudatha tharikira
Lagaratha serthom

We made our language strong with our love,
We include the “zhagaram”( tamil letter)
with which many dynasties have fallen down.

Thalaimurai kadanthumae
Virivatha pathom
Ulagathin muthal mozhi
Usurena kaathom

We ensured its existence over ages,
We guarded “the world’s first language”
as our own life.

Naal nagara maatrangal edhum
Un mozhi saayum enbaanae
Paarilaiya thamizhanu varuvan
Thaai thamizh thooki vaipaanae

Even if the language descends,
in time coarse,
there will be a tamilan,
to Uplift our mother Tamil. ( mother of all languages)

Kadaissi thamizhanin ratham
Ezhum veezhaathae…..

there is no downfall to thamizhan.


Nedundhooram un isai ketkum
Pirai neeti pournami yakkum
Vedha kaattil vinmin pookkum
Vizhichalum nesantha…
Uyire un nethi mutham pothum
Varungaalum vaasalil sekkum

you will be known across every place,
even the crescent turns to full moon hearing you,
even strange mystery happen in real,
My love… your forehead kiss is enough,
For me to cherish more.


(Aalaporan thamizhan)

Tamizhaalae onnanom
Maaraathu yennalum

We are united by our language of love,
this doesn't change forever.

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